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E-Sports Entertainment Association
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ESEA (E-Sports Entertainment Association) is an e-sports organisation located and hosted in North America. It currently hosts a platform for competitive Counter Strike: Global Offensive and in the past hosted both 6s tournaments in Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Source tournaments.


The ESEA regular season consisted of 16 regular season matches, played over 8 maps with one map per week. The top teams from each division participated in double-elimination playoffs to compete for the division's prize pool. Each game in the playoff bracket in the top division was played as a best-of-3-match, while playoff games in the other divisions are single-game. Between seasons, teams were promoted or demoted to another division based on their performance during the season.

Matches were played on a single map, with two halves of 30 minutes. Depending on the game type, the win conditions differ:

  • On 5CP maps, the first half was played until the time limit ran out or one team won 3 rounds; the second half and the match ended once the time limit ran out or one team won 5 rounds;
  • On King of the Hill maps, the first half was played until the time limit ran out or one team won 3 rounds; the second half and the match ended once the time limit ran out or one team won 4 rounds;
  • On Attack/Defend maps, each half consisted of a stopwatch round. The teams alternated between attacking and defending, such as if team A defended first, team B would be the first to defend in the next round. Each team could have scored one point in a half. The game ended once one of the teams reached 2 points.
  • In Capture the Flag, the times of each half were only 20 minutes long and had no capture limit. The team with the highest amount of captures by the end of the second half won the round.


Within the TF2 league, there were up to four divisions:

The Invite division hosted the highest level of 6v6 competition in North America. Players from other continents were allowed to participate in any of the divisions. Up until Season 18, each season's top teams from the Invite division participated in a LAN event to compete for the Invite prize pool.

Hall of Fame[edit]

ESEA Invite[edit]

Season Winner
ESEA-I Season 3 Blight
ESEA-I Season 4 Loaded
ESEA-I Season 5 Complexity
ESEA-I Season 6 Blight-own
ESEA-I Season 7 eMazing Gaming
ESEA-I Season 8 CheckSix Gaming (undefeated)
ESEA-I Season 9 eMazing Gaming / Dashner
ESEA-I Season 10 Classic Mixup
ESEA-I Season 11 Leviathan Gaming
ESEA-I Season 12 Classic Mixup (undefeated)
ESEA-I Season 13 High Rollers Gaming
ESEA-I Season 14 High Rollers Gaming
ESEA-I Season 15 Classic Mixup
ESEA-I Season 16 froyotech
ESEA-I Season 17 froyotech
ESEA-I Season 18 froyotech (undefeated)
ESEA-I Season 19 froyotech
ESEA-I Season 20 Ascent
ESEA-I Season 21 froyotech
ESEA-I Season 22 froyotech
ESEA-I Season 23 froyotech
ESEA-I Season 24 froyotech
ESEA-I Season 25 froyotech
ESEA-I Season 26 froyotech (undefeated)
ESEA-I Season 27 froyotech (undefeated)
ESEA-I Season 28 froyotech (undefeated)
ESEA-I Season 29 froyotech
ESEA-I Season 30 froyotech (undefeated)
ESEA-I Season 31 froyotech

ESEA Intermediate[edit]

Season Winner
Season 7 Harmonic (invite is hard)
Season 8 iDEMISE TF2
Season 9 High Rollers Gaming
Season 10 The Dinosaurs (Pinball Wizards)
Season 11 The Mad Men (No Need for Names)
Season 12 SteveCGames (Apocalypse Gaming)
Season 13 The Mad Men
Season 14 Chill to Good Ratio
Season 15 Tonight's Entertainment
Season 16 Meat Market
Season 17 Cisco Adlers Balls
Season 18 cafe monster
Season 19 Getawhale Fanclub
Season 20 Not Fast Food
Season 21 eL cLaSslcO
Season 22 dead babies mad gunz
Season 23 running without scizors
Season 24 running without scizors
Season 25
Season 26
Season 27 mr_popo_rocks
Season 28 OMNI5 ESports
Season 29 Frankensteins Roster
Season 30 Theory of Knowledge
Season 31 Methodic

† ESEA Intermediate was not run during ESEA seasons 25 and 26.

ESEA Open[edit]

Season Winner
Season 2 Loaded!
Season 3 Harmonic
Season 4 Tool Academy Grads
Season 5 Don't Trip
Season 6 Nexzil Gaming
Season 8 Avoided
Season 9 Team Bad v2
Season 10 Team iT
Season 11 Down to Pound
Season 12 Disposable Heroes
Season 13 The Crunchy Bunch
Season 14 The Italian Stallions
Season 15 Budsquad
Season 16 Arizona Iced Out Boys
Season 17 Mad Luxurious
Season 18 Muffin Men
Season 19 6cuties
Season 20 Ed Head
Season 21 Wood Pig Black
Season 22 stewy business
Season 23 1eL cLaSsIcO
Season 24 eL cLaSsIcO
Season 25 mr_popo_rocks
Season 26 KRIT Esports
Season 27 The Midnight Society
Season 28 HLPugs tf
Season 29 MrPoPos Newbie Mix
Season 30 The Boomers
Season 31 TheMedicAcademy

ESEA Main[edit]

Season Winner
Season 15 Rinkuing With Rinku

Fees and Prices[edit]

To participate in ESEA, players were required to pay a league fee and subscribe to ESEA Premium. The league fees were as follows:

  • Invite: $39.95 USD
  • Intermediate: $14.95 USD
  • Open: No longer requires a fee for participation, only needs ESEA Premium.[1]

The cost of Premium varies depending on the length of the subscription and the tier purchased.

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