Useful console commands

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Display, sound and input commands[edit]

fov_desired (75-90)

Changes the player's field of view.

viewmodel_fov <number>

Changes the field of view of viewmodels.

viewmodel_fov_demo <number>

Changes the field of view of viewmodels in recorded demos.

r_drawviewmodel (0/1)

Toggles the visibility of the viewmodel.

cl_drawhud (0/1)

Shows/hides the HUD (sv_cheats must be set to 1).


Reloads the HUD.


Resets the sound (useful for fixing sound bugs).

tf_dingalingaling (0/1)

Enables/disables the hitsound.

tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg <number>

Sets the pitch of the hitsound when doing maximum damage (Default 100).

tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg <number>

Sets the pitch of the hitsound when doing minimum damage (Default 100).

hud_combattext (0/1)

Turns off/on damage text.

hud_combattext_batching (0/1)

Turns off/on adding-up damage text.

hud_combattext_batching_window (0-2)

Allows more or less time to pass before resetting combat text numbers.

Net-related commands[edit]


Changes the interpolation modifier that the game reads to calculate player-side ping.

cl_showfps (0/1/2)

Displays your current framerate. (0 - disabled, 1 - real-time, 2 - rounded)

net_graph (0-6)

Displays various net information, such as FPS, ping, lerp, choke etc.

Gameplay commands[edit]


Activates the weapon's primary attack (Mouse 1).


Halts the weapon's primary attack.

cl_autoreload (0/1)

Enables or disables auto-reloading.

tf_medigun_autoheal (0/1)

Enables/disables the Medi Gun auto-heal.


Kills the player.


Kills the player and causes them to gib.

Spectator commands[edit]


Spectates next player.


Spectates previous player.


Changes spectating mode (free-roam, first-person, third-person)

Binds and aliases[edit]

alias alias_name "command"

Creates an alias executing certain commands.

bind "key" "command" "message (optional)"

Binds a key to a command or message.

unbind "key"

Unbinds a key.

bindtoggle "KEY" "COMMAND"

Toggles a command, such as r_drawviewmodel.

Server operator commands[edit]

Note: Most of these commands will require also using the following:
rcon command

Executes a command as a server operator.

rcon_password password

Stores the rcon password. Required to match the server's rcon password for rcon commands to work.

Gameplay commands[edit]

tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads (0/1)

Enables/disabled fixed bullet spread (for hitscan weapons like the Scattergun or the Shotgun)

tf_weapon_criticals (0/1)

Turns random critical hits off/on.

sv_pure (0/1/2)

Turns user-side custom content off/on. (0 - custom content on, 1 - uses server whitelist, 2 - custom content off)

mp_tournament (0/1)

Turns tournament mode off/on.


Restarts the game in tournament mode.

changelevel map_name

Changes the map.

exec config

executes a gameplay config for the server or for the user. Common examples include etf2l_6v6.cfg and ugc_HL_standard.cfg

Cheat commands[edit]

sv_cheats (0/1)

Turns cheats on.


Causes the player to free-roam across the map, ignoring walls, floors and other obstacles.

impulse 101

Replenishes the player's ammo and health.

hurtme <number>

Damages the player. If a negative number is used, overheals the player by the given amount.

addcond 57

Gives the player an infinite ÜberCharge.

addcond 56 or addcond 33

Gives the player infinite Crits.

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