ESEA-I Season 11

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ESEA-I Season 11
Full name ESEA-I Season 11
Gold icon.png Champions Quantic Gaming / Leviathan Gaming
Silver icon.png Runner-up Classic Mixup
Bronze icon.png Third place Srsly br0

The 11th season of ESEA and the 9th season of ESEA-I (Invite) began on March 27, 2012 and ran until July 13, 2012. Here are links to ESEA News coverage of the regular season and LAN.


Mihaly's Flow (15-1)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Ruwin
Scouticon.png Scout shrugger
Roamericon.png Roamer ww
Pocketicon.png Pocket harbleu
Demomanicon.png Demoman soup
Medicicon.png Medic Pyyyour

TF2 LAN Preview: Mihalys Flow

Srsly br0 (13-3)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout oPlaiD
Scouticon.png Scout yz50
Roamericon.png Roamer blaze
Pocketicon.png Pocket boomer
Demomanicon.png Demoman dummy
Medicicon.png Medic mesr

TF2 LAN Preview: Srsly br0

Quantic Legacy/Leviathan Gaming (11-5)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout clockwork
Scouticon.png Scout cyzer
Roamericon.png Roamer Dave_AC
Pocketicon.png Pocket enoryt
Demomanicon.png Demoman b4nny
Medicicon.png Medic shade

TF2 LAN Preview: Leviathan Gaming

Classic Mixup (11-5)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout enigma
Scouticon.png Scout mo0se
Roamericon.png Roamer Lansky
Pocketicon.png Pocket Platinum
Demomanicon.png Demoman smaka
Medicicon.png Medic kbk

TF2 LAN Preview: Classic Mixup

High Rollers Gaming (5-11)[edit]

Pinball Wizards (5-11)[edit]

Mighty Ducks (4-12)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout seanbud
Scouticon.png Scout Decimate
Roamericon.png Roamer Nake
Pocketicon.png Pocket Lange
Demomanicon.png Demoman PUFF
Medicicon.png Medic thrill

Leviathan Gaming (0-16)[edit]


Prize Pool[edit]

  • 1st place: $4,800
  • 2nd place: $2,400
  • 3rd place: $1,680
  • 4th place: $1,200


Regular season[edit]

Pos Team W L T PCT Rds Streak Matches
1 Mihaly's Flow 15 1 0 .938 W1 65-26
2 Srsly br0 13 3 0 .812 W4 64-30
3 Dont Trip (Leviathan Gaming sponsored this team starting before LAN) 11 5 0 .688 W2 61-39
4 Classic Mixup 11 5 0 .688 W2 60-40
5 High Rollers Gaming 5 11 0 .312 L1 33-52
6 Pinball Wizards 5 11 0 .312 L4 26-52
7 Mighty Ducks 4 12 0 .250 L2 31-59
8 Leviathan Gaming 0 16 0 .000 L16 12-54

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