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eXtv Logo

eXtelevision abbreviated to eXtv is an organization founded by Jeff "eXtine" Extine with the objective of covering various eSports, initially focusing on Team Fortress 2 and it has had a strong presence in the scene ever since. The eXtv YouTube channel is currently the most popular competitive Team Fortress 2 channel in terms of subscribers. As of 2015, eXtv has stopped casting 6v6 matches and mainly focuses on 9v9 UGC highlander matches for their TF2 casts.


Nickname Format
Dashner 6v6
Cold HL


Nickname Format
eXtine NA 6v6 / NA HL
Duder NA 6v6 / NA HL
Getawhale NA 6v6 / NA HL
Kip (Currently Retired) NA HL / EU HL
Kinch NA 6v6