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The push is a 'strategy' in competitive which involves a team starting to move forward into another area of the map to win a control point, kill players from the enemy team or win ground, this will normally only be done when there is some sort of advantage. Executing good pushes is very important as a failed push may result in some or even all of your team members dying. And giving the other teams the possibility to start pushing towards you, which is something you generally want to avoid.

Types of pushes[edit]

  • Regular push, this typically involves the combo ubering in the pocket and giving some flashes to the demo whilst the flank pushes in from the flank.
  • Flank push, this push will involve the combo going to the so called flank of a map, for example wooden bridge on badlands second, and have the flank hold the chokepoint, while the combo ubers into the enemy combo, the flank will slowly start walking forward to 'sandwich' the enemy team. This push is easily prevented by having at least one player keep an eye on the flank to call a flank push as early as possible.
  • Dry push, this push involves the combo going in without uber because they are certain they can win the fight or they have a big advantage.
  • Slow push, a very passively executed push, focused on doing damage: it's a good push to execute if the enemy medic went down. Also good to get a pick during the push: a good push if you're trying to slowly retake the point on viaduct. It's important to have all or most of your team members play close to the medic to stay healed as you walk forwards.
  • Repush, a push executed after the initial push is over and the team feels like it's capable of pushing in again after getting buffed by the medic, mostly executed on last, example: The attacking team goes in, gets two kills and loses a scout as they exchange ubers. Everybody falls back to the medic and gets buffed after which the team pushes in again.

Goal of pushes[edit]

In general just before a push, the main callers tells the team what the aim of the push will be, this can be one of multiple things:

  • Trade ubers, in a typical uber vs uber situation, the attacking team (the team which owns the middle point) will take the pocket into the defending team and have both teams pop uber, the pocket tries to make the enemy medic flash friendly players as much as possible by shooting non-ubered players. If the enemy medic flashes, then his uber won't last as long.
  • Get medic, if a team has a small uber advantage the purpose of their push will probably be to kill the medic before he reaches 100%. The medic ubers lots of players and they all focus on the medic.
  • Get lots of picks, big uber advantage, loads of kills
  • Get on the point, cap point

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