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ozfortress is the longest running and most popular competitive Team Fortress 2 league in the Oceanic region. ozfortress supports Highlander, 6v6 and Ultiduo seasonal competitions, as well as numerous offseason events. ozfortress is considered to host the highest level of competitive Team Fortress 2 play in Oceania.


ozfortress was established in 2001 by TFC players Australia mercury and Australia tempest to cater for the competitive Team Fortress Classic community of Australia and New Zealand. ozfortress hosted a variety of TFC tournaments up until the early 2010s before official ozfortress support ended.

The ozfortress website was hosted on a standalone website for the majority of its lifetime until October of 2018, when it was announced that ongoing news posts would be issued on the organisations' Warzone page. In early 2020, the ozfortress forums went offline indefinitely, along with all information pertaining to competitions played before OZF 16. Currently, what was previously the ozfortress Warzone page has taken the domain name of the original ozfortress.com site and is the current home of ozfortress. Large portions of the old forums can be accessed through the Wayback Machine Archive.

ozfortress website logo, circa 2002.
Homepage of ozfortress.com, circa 2010.

Major Leagues and Competitions[edit]

OZF: the ozfortress Sixes Seasonal League[edit]

2016 - Present


Banner for ozfortress Sixes Season 27, played throughout early 2020.

Announced on the 24th February, 2016, the ozfortress Sixes Seasonal League is the successor to the organization's previous OWL tournaments that concluded with OWL 14 and were continued into OZF 15 and beyond. The tournament has been ran triannually since its inception and features five tiers: Premier, High, Intermediate, Main and Open. Main was introduced as a solution to sandbagging and to provide a middle ground between Open and Intermediate.


The ozfortress Sixes Seasonal League is most commonly run over a period of 10 weeks, the first seven being allocated to the regular season and the remaining weeks to playoffs. A pool of 9 maps is chosen prior to the seasons' launch. Premier, High and Intermediate are usually played in a round robin bracket, whilst Main and Open are run on the Swiss system. Throughout the regular season, two maps are chosen to be played by all teams each week. At the conclusion of the regular season, the top four teams of each division qualify for playoffs. Playoffs are run in a Bo3 format, with the three maps for each match being determined by a pick/ban system. The Premier grand final is a Bo5.

OZF playoffs use the Page Playoff system, in which the top two teams play each other(upper page playoffs) and the bottom two play each other(lower page playoffs). The winner of the upper page playoffs graduates to the grand final, whilst the loser plays the winner of the lower page playoffs in the semi-final. The winner of the semi-final then plays the winner of the upper page playoffs in the grand final.

ozfortress 6v6 makes use of a custom whitelist.

Further information is available at the official ozfortress website.

Previous OZF Champions[edit]

Year Season Premier High Intermediate Main Open
2016 (Mar-Jun) OZF 15 Jasmine Tea The Resurrected 6 Duksquad
2016 (Jul-Sep) OZF 16 Jasmine Tea Intoxicated Project Mayhem
2016 (Sep-Nov) OZF 17 The Hardies Salt Free Gaming. Yeah
2017 (Feb-Apr) OZF 18 No Safeword [ Brave Loyal And Kind ] WhoopieShare
2017 (May-Jun) OZF 19 Jasmine Tea S A D B O Y S MORTified
2017 (Aug-Oct) OZF 20 The Sauce spn 70kg fatty Starburst-6s
2018 (Jan-Apr) OZF 21 Y U G I B O Y S carl libre Rocket Division
2018 (May-Jul) OZF 22 Pencil Case Salt Free Gaming. HentaiHaven Hunters
2018 (Sep-Nov) OZF 23 Jasmine Tea League of Super Evil The Big Monstrosity
2019 (Jan-Apr) OZF 24 Coffee Clock ad hominem attack Big Lez and The Boys
2019 (May-Aug) OZF 25 Coffee Clock DrugLab Panda Bears Cool Team Name Pending
2019 (Sep-Dec) OZF 26 Coffee Clock Winx Club twig Today at 4:20 PM @everyone im horny the nutte sac
2020 (Jan-Apr) OZF 27 happy feet what the fuck am i doing open veterans back 2 the bones daycare
2020 (May-Jul) OZF 28 happy feet braincels2020 whats our name fighting dreamers mork and friends
2020 (Aug-Nov) OZF 29 soirée1 psychology majors Artix Entertainment Terrible Tactics [HK香港人]
2021 (Jan-Apr) OZF 30 soirée1 ligma #JUSTICEFORLOGJAM dm lords
2021 (May-Jul) OZF 31 ALT House of Cards sugma Phee Phi Pho Phum
2021 (Sep-Dec) OZF 32 soirée1 lawn mowers God Emperor Seals Phices orangutan ganji
2022 (Jan-Apr) OZF 33 soirée1 Flying Spies BLACK BEWARE OF THE PIPELIN12 Posse Pounders
2022 (May-Jul) OZF 34 Witness Gaming1 CURSED Sharkylin12 camping
2022 (Sep-Dec) OZF 35 Witness Gaming1 altombo's kittens RTBA take me to snurch
2023 (Jan-May) OZF 36 Witness Gaming1 bob the digger 6Sins The Ferrari Strategists
2023 (May-Jul) OZF 37 xcx1 fever kids Insisting on a Phisting Ownage + 5 fking hl mains
2023 (Oct-Dec) OZF 38 Star Wars1 Ready Steady Tax Evasion 6pack Dysxleia Talking Tom and Friends
2024 (Feb-Apr) OZF 39 LeEsports1 NewJeans The Company taking my gamer medicine (games) Noob Pug Avengers

1 The team names marked are fundamentally the same team under multiple aliases.

OZHL: the ozfortress Highlander Seasonal League[edit]

2022 - Present


The ozfortress Highlander Seasonal League is a newer league designed for Highlander competition. OZHL functions much in the same way as OZF, but with a map pool, ruleset and weapon banlist suited to the Highlander gamemode. The league made its debut in mid 2022 after the Respawn League was dissolved into ozfortress. Staff previously overseeing RSL competitions were installed as ozfortress' new Highlander staff. Similarly, many teams such as red pandas and rascals that had formerly played in the Respawn League (and UGC) have since competed in OZHL.

Ozfortress has been predominantly a 6v6 platform for the vast majority of its lifetime. Previously, ozfortress hosted a now long-defunct ladder competition; the Ozfortress Highlander League (ozhl) which had its last title in 2014. This previous competition was run in much the same way as the late ozfl.


As stated earlier, the ozfortress Highlander Seasonal League is run very similarly to the ozfortress Sixes Seasonal League. The season is run over 8 weeks, with the first five allocated to the regular season and three for playoffs. OZHL uses a less restrictive whitelist than ozfortress Sixes.

Further information is available at the official ozfortress website.

Previous OZHL Champions[edit]

Year Season Premier Intermediate Main Open
2022 (May-Aug) OZHL 1 red pandas flamter Patent Pending
2022 (Sep-Dec) OZHL 2 red pandas Patent Pending
2023 (Feb-Apr) OZHL 3 red pandas Patent Pending fuck it we brawl
2023 (Jun-Aug) OZHL 4 Musos Deluxe GARDEN OF EDEN APPLE PICKERS' UNION Significant Otter Boykissers
2023 (Oct-Dec) OZHL 5 Musos Deluxe Team Wahoo! goblin deez
2024 (Feb-Apr) OZHL 6 Musos Deluxe WE ARE THE WORLD 39 FOR OPEN

Minor Leagues and Competitions[edit]

This section describes more casual or offseason events run by ozfortress.


2007 - Present
ozfortress Ultiduo is an annual single-elimination competition run during the offseason between ozfortress' seasonal premier competition - in the past the OWL league and currently the OZF league. For the majority of its lifetime, Ultiduo has been an open tournament run over either a period of a few days or a few hours. Most recently, (Ultiduo 17) the tournament has been run over 3 hours and 2 divisions.

The ozfortress Ultiduo competition is the oldest still-running Team Fortress 2 competition in the Oceanic scene, having been played for over 16 years as of 2024, with its origins lying as far back as the 27th of December, 2007. [2]

Previous Ultiduo Champions[edit]

Banner for the debut tournament for ozfortress Ultiduo. This season was played before the release of the Ubersaw or the Crusader's Crossbow!
Year Season Winner (Soldier/Medic) Runner-up (Soldier/Medic)
2007 Ultiduo 1 sinistar/bowt wackety/iori
2008 Ultiduo 2 nesk/bowt vision/nerfed
2008 Ultiduo 3 komplex/tinfed nesk/bowt
2009 Ultiduo 4 lottic/aze wackety/nomey
2010 Ultiduo 5 lottic/yuri yuki/bonobo
2011 Ultiduo 6 yuki/bonobo lottic/yuri
2012 Ultiduo 7 yuki/bonobo krollic/Avril
2013 Ultiduo 8 yuki/No Mercy Raiin/feresar
2014 Ultiduo 9 yuki/bonobo Daveii/Mattr and ayR
2015 Ultiduo 10 Jersh/Sam. eps/termo
2017 Ultiduo 11 krollic/Sam. HERTZ/Remo
2018 Ultiduo 12 krollic/Sam. silvo/ceekay
2019 Ultiduo 13 krollic/arnold Doge.exe/v4na
2020 Ultiduo 14 krollic/arnold silvo/ceekay
2021 Ultiduo 15 silvo/ceekay down/essence
2022 Ultiduo 16 krollic/jd Donn/Precious.
2023 Ultiduo 17 krollic/arnold turris/jd


2023 - Present
BBall is a very recent addition to ozfortress' competitions run in much the same way as ozfortress Ultiduo. ozfortress BBall is a single-elimination competition run across the course of several hours.

Previous BBall Champions[edit]

Year Season Winner Runner-up
2023 BBall 1 robor/Doge.exe LiquidAlchemy/HUNGRY4EGGS

MSNC: A Midsummer Night's Cup[edit]

2017 - Present
A Midsummer Night's Cup are a series of single-night 6v6 competitions that were run twice a summer from 2017 through to 2019. From 2020 however, MSNC have been run at irregular intervals with the recent addition of a MSNC Highlander league. Teams are split into three divisions - either Premier, Intermediate and Open or Divisions 1 through 3. The focus for these cups is to provide ozfortress players with a more casual laid-back experience in between seasons. Hence, many MSNC tournaments have seen looser team compositions and more extensive offclassing than the seasonal leagues.

Previous MSNC Premier Champions[edit]

Season Winner
MSNC 2017 #1 mt
MSNC 2017 #2 nt
MSNC 2018 #1 Jazz Men
MSNC 2018 #2 Y U G I B O Y S
MSNC 2019 #1 Mad Men
MSNC 2019 #2 Lollipop
MSNC 2020 :gorilla:
MSNC Sixes 2023 Witness Gaming
MSNC Highlander 2023 red pandas

Previous Leagues and Competitions[edit]

This section covers currently inactive ozfortress leagues or competitions. This includes those that have been formally concluded and those that may return in future years.

ozfl: the ozfortress league[edit]

2008 - 2015
The ozfortress league was a continuous 6v6 ladder competition open to teams of all skill levels. Match scheduling was determined by a team's win/loss streak, which provided them with the opportunity to face opponents at other skill levels, or opponents they would otherwise never meet in regular scrimmage. This league was seen as a proving ground for new maps designed for the competitive community, and was paired with a less restrictive whitelist. ozfl was largely regarded as a pathway into ozfortress' previous premier competition, the ozfortress winter league (OWL) series.

The ozfortress league was the longest running Team Fortress competition in the Oceanic scene, with its origins lying as far back as November 2002 with Team Fortress Classic.[3] The first signups for the Team Fortress 2 edition of the ozfortress league were announced on the 7th of May 2008 and began with an 8v8 format with random critical hits.[4] The second round of matches saw a new 6v6 format being run alongside 8v8 and random crits disabled, before 8v8 was phased out entirely in March of the following year.[5]

The ozfortress league ran a total of 127 rounds of Team Fortress 2 matches spanning nearly 7 years, with the final game being played on the 20th of March, 2015. Team Immunity accounted for 55 of the titles won, thus winning over 40% of ozfortress league titles.[6]

ozfc: the ozfortress cup[edit]

2008 - 2013
The ozfortress cup was a double elimination exhibition competition. The cup had 16 slots, 12 of which were occupied by the top 12 teams of the year. The remaining 4 slots were claimed as eight 'wildcards' who competed with each other in a qualifier format.

The ozfortress cup was the first non-Ultiduo ozfortress Team Fortress 2 competition to be run. The first OZFC began on the 10th of January, 2008 in an 8v8 format.[7]

Previous ozfc Champions[edit]

Season Winner
OZFC 2 Team Immunity
OZFC 3 Team Immunity

OWL: the ozfortress Winter League[edit]

The banner for the final OWL season before the transfer to OZF. OWL 14 came to a close in September of 2015.

2009 - 2015
The ozfortress winter league was the initial premier competition series run by ozfortress. It was a seasonal, round-robin 6v6 invitational that ran approximately twice a year. Teams were split into skill based divisions, from Division 1 or Premier down to Division 6. However, the number of divisions often varied between seasons depending on the number of teams registered. A typical competition ran over 10 weeks of matches and teams were invited to apply for selection before the competition began.

OWL was later phased out in favour of the ozfortress seasonal league following OWL 14 in early 2016. Recently however, the ozfortress Winter League has made a comeback in the form of OWL 2021, running alongside the existing OZF seasonal league.

Previous OWL Champions[edit]

Year Season Premier Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6
2009 OWL 1 pretty good basement virginz fray`R proximity
2010 OWL 2 Team Immunity we-r Walken Blitz
2010 OWL 3 Team Immunity foxy ALIVe Ju1cy
2010 OWL 4 Team Immunity vivid Reprisal rofls pz
2011 OWL 5 Team Immunity #fever Ћ GC™
2011 OWL 6 Team Immunity SYF Untitled We Few
2012 OWL 7 Team Immunity sSb World Underground dialUp One Night Stand Team Casualty
2012 OWL 8 Team Immunity Trigger Happy Afflicted Above One Night Stand Total Badass Crumpets Veni Vidi Vici
2013 OWL 9 Team Immunity Crack Clan Retro 6 ONS Friends Friendship Squad defuncT
2013 OWL 10 Team Immunity danger 5 + 1 m8s Love 'n' Rockets Ripe Strategy The Goose is Loose
2014 OWL 11 Team Immunity Mainlander Gaming Experience Big Mistake Too Young to Drink SACRED.tf
2014 OWL 12 Jasmine Space Cadets Multiplex Boats Can't Fly Happy Campers
2015 OWL 13 Cash Money :smug: u ¢ me Professional Ricecookers
2015 OWL 14 Team Impunity Multiplex Prem Dreams auRa TR6

C4C: Capping for a Cause[edit]

2010 - ~2012-13
Capping for a Cause (stylised as Capping 4 a Cause, or C4C) was a 16 team open double-elimination competition run three times from 2010 to 2012. C4C aimed to raise funds for a named charity. Teams were asked to 'buy' their seeding by donating to the charity, where the highest seeds were given to the highest donating teams, providing them with a scheduling advantage throughout the tournament. Over the three iterations of C4C, over $22,000 AUD was raised for charities. These included the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, BeyondBlue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Previous C4C Champions[edit]

Season Winner
C4C Team Immunity
C4C2 Team Immunity
C4C3 Team Immunity

Where to Play[edit]

The official ozfortress Discord is the best place to advertise LFT or LFP. The Discord also provides access to numerous player-run PUG servers of various skill levels and formats.

For Oceanic players new to competitive, the following Discord pick-up-game servers provide an introduction to the major formats. In order to play in these servers, it is required to link your steam account to the ozfortress website.