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ozfortress is an Australian community website, with the largest population of competitive Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress Classic players in the Oceanic region. ozfortress 6v6 uses the global whitelist.

Current Leagues and Competitions[edit]

ozfortress seasonal league[edit]

Announced on the 24th February, 2016, the ozfortress seasonal league is the successor to the organization's previous OWL tournaments. The league features four tiers: Premier, Intermediate, Main and Open using the Swiss system. Main was introduced as a solution to sandbagging and to provide a middle ground between Open and Intermediate and the tier debuted for Season 25.

Previous OZF Premier Champions[edit]

Season Winner
OZF 15 Jasmine Tea
OZF 16 Jasmine Tea
OZF 17 The Hardies
OZF 18 No Safeword
OZF 19 Jasmine Tea
OZF 20 The Sauce
OZF 21 Y U G I B O Y S
OZF 22 Pencil Case
OZF 23 Jasmine Tea
OZF 24 Coffee Clock
OZF 25 Coffee Clock
OZF 26 Coffee Clock

owl: the ozfortress winter league[edit]

The ozfortress winter league, was the premier competition series run by ozfortress. It was a seasonal, round-robin 6v6 invitational. It ran approximately two times a year. Teams were split into a number of divisions, arranged by skill. A typical competition ran over 10 weeks of matches and teams are invited to apply for selection before the competition begins.

Previous OWL Champions[edit]

Season Winner
OWL 1 pretty good
OWL 2 Team Immunity
OWL 3 Team Immunity
OWL 4 Team Immunity
OWL 5 Team Immunity
OWL 6 Team Immunity
OWL 7 Team Immunity
OWL 8 Team Immunity
OWL 9 Team Immunity
OWL 10 Team Immunity
OWL 11 Team Immunity
OWL 12 Jasmine
OWL 13 Cash Money
OWL 14 Team Impunity

ozfl: the ozfortress league[edit]

The ozfortress league is the longest running competition in Australia/New Zealand. The ozfortress league is a ladder competition, open to teams of all skill levels. Match scheduling is determined by a team's win/loss streak, which provides them the opportunity to face opponents at other skill levels, or opponents they would otherwise never meet in regular scrimmage. This league is seen as a proving ground for new maps designed for the competitive community, and is paired with a less restrictive weapon banlist. ozfl is largely regarded as a pathway into ozfortress' premier competition, the ozfortress winter league series.

ozhl: the ozfortress highlander league[edit]

The ozfortress highlander league is a newer ladder, for Highlander competition. It functions much in the same way as ozfl, but with a map pool, ruleset and weapon banlist suited to the Highlander gamemode.

ozfc: the ozfortress cup[edit]

The ozfortress cup is a double elimination exhibition competition. The cup has 16 slots, 12 of which are occupied by the top 12 teams of the year. The remaining 4 slots are claimed as eight 'wildcards' compete eachother in a qualifier format.

Previous OZFC Champions[edit]

Season Winner
OZFC 2 Team Immunity
OZFC 3 Team Immunity


Ultiduo is a seasonal competition, run during the offseason between owls, which is an open single-elimination tournament in the Ultiduo format. The competition takes place over a single afternoon/evening, and allows an uncapped number of participants.

Previous Ultiduo Champions[edit]

Season Winner
Ultiduo 1 sinistar/bowt
Ultiduo 2 nesk/bowt
Ultiduo 3 komplex/tinfed
Ultiduo 4 lottic/aze
Ultiduo 5 lottic/yuri
Ultiduo 6 yuki/bonobo
Ultiduo 7 yuki/bonobo
Ultiduo 8 yuki/No Mercy
Ultiduo 9 yuki/bonobo
Ultiduo 10 Jersh/Sam.
Ultiduo 11 rky/Sam.
Ultiduo 12 rky/Sam.
Ultiduo 13 rky/arnold

Capping for a Cause[edit]

Capping for a Cause (stylised as Capping 4 a Cause, or C4C) is a 16 team, open double-elimination competition aimed at raising funds for a named charity. Teams are asked to 'buy' their seeding by donating to the charity, where the highest seeds are given to the highest donating teams, providing them with a scheduling advantage throughout the tournament. Over the first three iterations of C4C, over $7000 has been raised for charities, including; Australian Cancer Research Foundation, beyondblue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Previous C4C Champions[edit]

Season Winner
C4C Team Immunity
C4C2 Team Immunity
C4C3 Team Immunity