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To see a full list of maps used in competitive play, or to find out more about TF2 maps in general visit: Maplist

The 2nd point on Upward.

Payload is a standard competitive gamemode that functions somewhat like 5cp. Instead of capping points by standing on them, the blue team must push a cart along a track to capture each point while the Red team must defend each point. Payload is a standard gamemode in Highlander but is not played in 6v6

Stopwatch Mode[edit]

Payload is played in stopwatch mode; one team attacks on the first round, and defends in the second round. The goal is to push the payload cart to the final point as fast as possible. After the attacking team pushes the cart to the final point, or the timer reaches 0, the teams swap sides. The attacking team (defending team in the previous round), then try to push the payload cart to the final point in less time than their opponent to win.

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