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Respawn League
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Respawn League was an Asian and Oceanic Team Fortress 2 league with a focus on bringing the Highlander format to those regions in an accessible and reliable manner. After its establishment in September of 2018, Respawn League went on to host both 4v4 and BBall tournaments in subsequent years, before being dissolved into ozfortress' Highlander Seasonal League in May of 2022.[1] Co-founder of the Respawn League Australia core was made the Head Admin of ozfortress[2], and staff previously overseeing RSL competitions were instated as ozfortress' Highlander League Admins.

Respawn League made use of a custom whitelist for its Highlander competitions.

Leagues and Competitions[edit]

AU/NZ Highlander[edit]

Respawn League's AU/NZ Highlander competitions was kept to a single division (Open or Main) for the first half of its existence due to low player numbers. Seasons 6-10 however featured 2 divisions - Premier and Main.

Previous AU/NZ Highlander Champions[edit]

The winners listed below are the winning teams for the highest division available for each season.

Season Winner
Season 1 Atomic Affinity
Season 2 red pandas
Season 3 red pandas
Season 4 red pandas
Season 5 red pandas
Season 6 red pandas
Season 7 red pandas
Season 8 red pandas
Season 9 pena's trinkets
Season 10 immaculate dub
Season 11 VIP club

ASIA Highlander[edit]

Due to low participation, ASIA Highlander was only able to field a single division over its lifetime - Main.

Previous ASIA Highlander Champions[edit]

Season Winner
Season 1 12GANXI
Season 2 12GANXI
Season 3 12GANXI
Season 4 12GANXI
Season 5 Ambulas
Season 6 Ambulas
Season 7 Daybreak..
Season 8 Daybreak..
Season 9 gamblers from MACAU
Season 10 Specimens


RSL 4v4 was split into single-division regions for the first two seasons, however very low participation in the ASIA region caused the two locations to be combined for Season 3. 4v4 was then effectively retired for the rest of the organisations' duration with the exception of a single AU/NZ 'Quadlander' event in 2021 - the first RSL 4v4 event to feature more than one division.

Previous RSL 4v4 Champions[edit]

Season Winner
AU/NZ Season 1 B1:
ASIA Season 1 Edelweiss
AU/NZ Season 2 B1:
ASIA Season 2 Thanos.exe
AU/NZ & ASIA Season 5 B1:
AU/NZ Quadlander 2021 4s POG!


Respawn League BBall was played for only a single season towards the end of the leagues' lifetime. AU/NZ BBall featured a total of 20 teams across 3 divisions, whilst the ASIA counterpart spanned 2 divisions.

Previous RSL BBall Champions[edit]

Season Winner
AU/NZ Season 1 lowkey feeling steezy rn
ASIA Season 1 Buzz Dripyear