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Wireplay logo.png
Full name Wireplay
Competition formats 6v6, Highlander
Area Europe
Defunct Website
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Wireplay is a defunct European community that hosted both 6v6 & Highlander leagues. Before Team Fortress 2, Wireplay hosted a Team Fortress classic league.

Wireplay shut down on 6/10/2014 thus ending the league.


Wireplay's last seasons were it's twelfth 6v6 season and tenth Highlander season. Both leagues were split up into tiers of divisions, each with its own system of promotions and relegations. Divisions usually had a size of 6 or 8 teams. A season usually consisted of 5 or 7 weeks of matches.

Matches usually consisted of two maps, each lasting 30 minutes. The following win conditions were used:


  • On 5CP maps, the map ends once the time limit runs out or one of the teams scores 5 more points than the opponent.
  • King of the Hill maps were played in a best of 5 format (first to 3 wins), without a time limit.
  • Attack/Defense maps in 6v6 are played with stopwatch mode. Two rounds of the map were played. The map can be either won or drawn by one of the teams.





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