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EssentialsTF is a event management and video production company dedicated to cover Team Fortress 2 competitive action. It produces and streams big competitive events and is the biggest company producing TF2 at the Insomnia Gaming Festival. It specializes in bigger LAN events and large-scale online tournaments. The current owner of the company is Jon.

In 2015, EssentialsTF started as a production partner for TeamFortressTV. It has provided hardware that powered the broadcast of Insomnia55 to all over the world. Since then, it has expanded organising their own competitions. For over 7 years, it has been working as the primary organization of producing and broadcasting Team Fortress 2 content at Player1 Event's Insomnia Gaming Festival, as well as recently involved in DreamHack's Community Clash and North American LAN events.

The company uses the same medal model for any tournaments they host by themselves, but the name is different. For Insomnia Gaming Festival LAN tournaments, a different themed medal is used.

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They have worked with multiple companies like DreamHack, Twitch, Insomnia Gaming Festival, Belong Gaming Arenas, ETF2L, Logitech, Scrap.TF, STNTrading.EU,,

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