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These are the Editing Guidelines for those wishing to contribute to the wiki. Please read them before editing pages.


  • All articles are to be writen in third person. No "I, you, me, us, we". etc.
If it helps, write as if you are teaching someone how the game is played, not how to play it. Example: “Engineers often do so-and-so”, instead of “As an Engineer, you should do so-and-so.”
  • There are more scenes out there than just the one you are on about. Include things that may be different across scenes. (eg: Map list, Map rules, Weapon list, etc...)
  • Avoid opinions and unsupported generalizations.
If people disagree with you, it is not something that belongs in a wiki (unless you present it as an opinion, ie. “It is believed by some soldiers that the Black Box is useful for roaming” versus “I like the Black Box, it's great for roamers. Try it out!”).
  • There are always going to be controversial topics like strategies, loadout choices, weapon and offclass choices etc., but because we are a competitive wiki, we aim to help new players as much as possible, so guides and guidelines for classes / strategies can be added even if they are controversial, in a constantly changing game like ours would be almost impossible to set in stone that this or that strategy is 100% sure and not biased. Just make sure to create new sections or appropriate pages with common sense. For example, a very specific spy guide, writed by a specific player, won't obviously be unbiased and 100% right, but it is still a great potential resource for new players if added and tagged accordingly as so.
  • Use the discussion tabs on each page to discuss possible changes / updates or suggestions to those pages.
  • Summarise your edits.
This is for easier revision and moderating purposes.
  • Add references if you can, and if applicable.
  • Try to group multiple edits of the same page into a single edit. We encourage using the "Show Preview" button and proof reading.
This is for easier revision and moderating purposes. Sometimes things slip though, so don't worry if you have that one off.
  • Categorise your page/templates/images and keep them consistent across the board.
If you're unsure of what Category to use, look at other examples of the same thing, ask our staff or simply make a reasonable one yourself.
  • Use Templates for pages when available.
They're easy to use and our readers find them far more pleasant to look at.

Starting a New Page[edit]

  • Make sure it's a topic that needs its own page:
  1. Does the page already exist? Does it exist under a different name?
  2. Is the page just a definition of a term or concept? If so, it may belongs in the Glossary.
  3. Is it a topic already covered as a subtopic of another article? If so, make a new page only if it is an advanced topic that can be heavily elaborated on (and don't forget to add a link from that page).
  4. Is it a very broad topic (like “Competitive Team Fortress 2” or “Combat Classes”)? Maybe it should be split into smaller topics.

  • Once ready and certain for the page, you may create the page by clicking on a red link to that page, or typing in the desired title of the page you want to create, and then clicking the red link.
    • Design a layout for the page that gives all related information in a clean format, refer to a recent page of similar topic or use a template.
    • When you are satisfied with what is hopefully at least an introductory amount of information in your article, link to it from related pages in their “See Also” sections so we can see it!
    • Categorize and always tag pages accordingly, remember to keep Categories consistent across all pages and the whole wiki. You can check how categories work on wikis Here!
    • Add maintenance Templates to pages accordingly - Use the Templates!


Templates help make pages look clean and user-friendly and you should learn how to use them and use them whenever you can. To learn how Templates work, click here or here. If still stuck, ask one of our staff members.

Our most updated list of templates can be consulted here.

Popular Templates[edit]

Map Pages Templates[edit]

Player Pages Templates[edit]

Team Pages Templates[edit]

League / Season Pages Templates[edit]

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Class page Templates[edit]

Social/Community templates[edit]

Match Templates[edit]


Tip: To see a template in action, go to the template page and then click "What links here", on the sidebar. This should take you to a page with links to where the template has been used.

You are free to create your own Templates when necessary, but be sure to maintain consistency in colors and format across the wiki and write guidelines for the template usage in the template page. An example of a well elaborated template can be seen here, notice the usage guidelines and the ready to copy template as well as an example given.

Embedding Videos[edit]

  • Videos can be embedded on the wiki via a media wiki extension, you can check it's usage instructions here.