ESEA-O (Open)

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ESEA Open Division[edit]

ESEA TF2 Open is the lowest division in ESEA competitive TF2. It started in the second season of ESEA and ended after ESEA-O Season 31.

ESEA Open Playoffs[edit]

ESEA Open Playoffs take place over a roughly 3 week long period after the regular season. The top 16 teams play in double elimination brackets.

There is a total prize pot of $1,200 that is awarded to the top 4 teams. It is distributed as follows:

  • 1st place: $600
  • 2nd place: $270
  • 3rd place: $210
  • 4th place: $120

Previous ESEA Open Champions[edit]

Season Winner
Season 2 Loaded!
Season 3 Harmonic
Season 4 Tool Academy Grads
Season 5 Don't Trip
Season 6 Nexzil Gaming
Season 8 Avoided
Season 9 Team Bad v2
Season 10 Team iT
Season 11 Down to Pound
Season 12 Disposable Heroes
Season 13 The Crunchy Bunch
Season 14 The Italian Stallions
Season 15 Budsquad
Season 16 Arizona Iced Out Boys
Season 17 Mad Luxurious
Season 18 Muffin Men
Season 19 6cuties
Season 20 Ed Head
Season 21 Wood Pig Black
Season 22 stewy business
Season 23 1eL cLaSsIcO
Season 24 eL cLaSsIcO
Season 25 mr_popo_rocks
Season 26 KRIT Esports
Season 27 The Midnight Society
Season 28 HLPugs tf
Season 29 MrPoPos Newbie Mix
Season 30 The Boomers
Season 31 TheMedicAcademy