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Jump to navigation Jump to search is the Competitive TF2 Wiki. We aim to provide the community with a free, neutral and comprehensive summary of current and historical competitive TF2 knowledge. Players, teams, tournaments, maps and classes pages are our most popular forms of content.

Contributing to exisitng pages[edit]

The only prerequisite to editing an existing page is that you follow the Editing Guidelines. Otherwise, we encourage you to edit as much as you can!

Expand the wiki[edit]

The majority of the pages on contain little information! You can help by expanding these stubs into competent wiki articles. Stubs requiring expansion are listed here. Alternatively, you can go to a random page and see if you have any knowledge to contribute!

Update the wiki[edit]

Some of our pages require frequent updates to stay accurate and relevant. These mostly include our tournament and team pages, but the most effective method is to update any pages linked on the home page and by checking the recent changes log.

Creating new pages[edit]

In order to create a brand new page on the wiki, you will need an account that is 72 hours old with a few contributions already. Below are links to in-depth creation guides for our most popular types of pages:

Further resources[edit]

If you have any questions, issues, proposals or anything related, the quickest way to contact us is via our Discord server. Otherwise, send one of the active staff a message on their individual talk pages. We hope to see you in the recent changes log!