Asia Team Fortress 2 League

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Basic Information
Full name:
Asia Team Fortress 2 League
Head Admin:
Website Discord
22 January 2021

ATF2L (Asia Team Fortress 2 League) is a community project that hosts Asia's largest competitive Highlander Team Fortress 2 league.

The league is currently lead by head admin Clari-tea, who is also the regional admin of UGC Asia.

Autonomy from UGC[edit]

Despite its own ruleset, whitelist, calendar, map pool, admin team, and discord server, ATF2L is not entirely independent from UGC.

Nevertheless, the league does hold a great deal of autonomy from UGC; head admin Clari-tea has been granted power to hire his own admin team and amend the rules, structure of the league, whitelist, etc. ATF2L does, however, use the UGC website (though it does have its own dedicated section) and UGC medals.


ATF2L runs three highlander seasons annually; rostered players participating in the league receive medals receive season medals corresponding to that of UGC's Asia Highlander Medals. For example, participants of ATF2L Season 1 receive their respective UGC Asia Highlander Season 33 medals, participants of ATF2L Season 2 receive UGC Asia Highlander Season 34 medals, etc.

In all 3 seasons of ATF2L, the league had a five-week regular season, followed by a 5-week Top 4 double elimination playoffs structure. Two maps are played each week of the regular season, with the season having a 10-map rotation available in playoffs.


ATF2L features three skill divisions: Steel, Silver and Platinum. These parallel three of the five skill divisions in UGC. Participants would receive UGC medals corresponding to their skill division.

Hall of Fame[edit]

Season Platinum Division Winner Silver Division Winner Steel Division Winner
Season 1 Daybreak Plan B bro
Season 2 Daybreak Monkey Highlander master yoga
Season 3 Ambulas Reborn Spartan Face Sexy Shotgun Users