ESEA-I Season 8

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ESEA-I Season 8
Full name ESEA-I Season 8
Gold icon.png Champions CheckSix Gaming
Silver icon.png Runner-up eMazing Gaming
Bronze icon.png Third place compLexity Gaming

The 8th season of ESEA and the 6th season of ESEA-I (Invite) began on January 7, 2011 and ran until April 15, 2011. It is known for having the first Invite team ever finish undefeated in the regular season.


Tony Hawk Pro Skaters / CheckSix Gaming (16-0)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout oov
Scouticon.png Scout vhalin
Roamericon.png Roamer Dave_AC
Pocketicon.png Pocket TLR
Demomanicon.png Demoman Kalkin
Medicicon.png Medic harbleu

TF2 S8 LAN Preview: Check-Six

compLexity (12-4)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout carnage
Scouticon.png Scout enigma
Roamericon.png Roamer relic
Pocketicon.png Pocket Platinum
Demomanicon.png Demoman smaka
Medicicon.png Medic blackymonster

TF2 S8 LAN Preview: compLexity TF2

eMazing Gaming (9-7)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Yz50
Scouticon.png Scout Ggglygy
Roamericon.png Roamer mackey
Pocketicon.png Pocket enoryt
Demomanicon.png Demoman b4nny
Medicicon.png Medic Shade

TF2 S8 LAN Preview: eMazing Gaming

Blight Gaming (8-8)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Justin
Scouticon.png Scout oPlaiD
Roamericon.png Roamer ww
Pocketicon.png Pocket ryanr
Demomanicon.png Demoman sweater
Medicicon.png Medic TheFragile

TF2 S8 LAN Preview: Blight Gaming TF2

Dynamic (8-8)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout cyzer
Scouticon.png Scout BloodSire
Roamericon.png Roamer Reptile
Pocketicon.png Pocket ducky
Demomanicon.png Demoman dummy
Medicicon.png Medic CB

Flame Idiot (5-11)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout fLame
Scouticon.png Scout clockwork
Roamericon.png Roamer davis
Pocketicon.png Pocket Lange
Demomanicon.png Demoman Droog
Medicicon.png Medic seanbud

Roster Cheat Sheet: Flame_idiot Lange was later replaced by pheLon.

SpaceDucks (5-11)[edit]

Apoplexy Industries (1-15)[edit]


Prize Pool[edit]

  • 1st place: $2,520
  • 2nd place: $1,100
  • 3rd place: $870
  • 4th place: $750


Regular season[edit]

Pos Team W L T PCT Rds Streak Matches
1 CheckSix Gaming 16 0 0 1.000 W16 72-29
2 compLexity Gaming 12 4 0 .750 W6 62-32
3 eMazing Gaming 9 7 0 .562 L1 56-44
4 Blight Gaming 8 8 0 .500 L1 54-47
5 Dynamic 8 8 0 .500 W2 49-53
6 Flame Idiot 5 11 0 .312 L3 42-57
7 SpaceDucks 5 11 0 .312 L2 32-60
8 Apoplexy Industries 1 15 0 .062 L10 19-64

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