Vanilla Fortress

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[e][h]South American Vanilla Fortress
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Basic Information
Full name:
South American Vanilla Fortress
Head Admin:
Current Season:
Season 3 (6v6)
Season 1 (HL)
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Vanilla Fortress is a competitive community that hosts 6v6 and Highlander leagues in South America. It has run 3 6v6 seasons and 1 Highlander season to date.

The staff is currently led by head admin, PrestusHood. Previous head admins are Pepito and Flawless.


Vanilla Fortress consists of three divisions for 6v6: Invite, Intermediate and Open. As for Highlander, there are only two divisions: Invite and Open.

The tournaments are played using the Buchholtz Swiss Format with divisions fixed with 8 teams. Teams pick the maps before the match.

The following win conditions are used:

  • On 5 Control Point maps, the map ends once the time limit runs out or one of the teams scores 5 points. In case of a draw after the time limit ends, a tiebreaker round, known as golden cap, is played. The golden cap ends once one of the wins captures all points.
  • On King of the Hill maps are played in a best of 7 format (first team to get 4 rounds, wins the map), without a time limit.
  • On Attack/Defend and Payload maps are played with stopwatch mode and are played in a best of 3 format. The teams alternate between attacking and defending; if team A defended first in the previous round, team B will be the first to defend in the next round.

6v6 Game mode settings[edit]

5 Control Point King of the Hill Golden Cap
Time Limit 30 minutes
Win Limit 5 rounds 4 rounds 1 rounds

6v6 Class limits[edit]

  • At any one time amongst six players, class limits of:
    • Scouticon.png 2, Soldiericon.png 2, Pyroicon.png 1
    • Demomanicon.png 1, Heavyicon.png 1, Engineericon.png 1
    • Medicicon.png 1, Snipericon.png 2, Spyicon.png 2

Highlander Game mode settings[edit]

Payload Attack/Defend King of the Hill
Time Limit Map based Map based
Win Limit 2 rounds 2 rounds 4 rounds

Hall of Fame[edit]

6v6 Tournament[edit]

Season Gold icon.png Invite Winner Silver icon.png Invite Runner-up Bronze icon.png Invite 3rd place Gold icon.png Intermediate Winner Gold icon.png Open Winner Gold icon.png Amateur Winner
Season 1 SXe.Injected Icon.png sXe.Injected Sonikro Solutions Icon.pngSonikro Solutions TF icon.png Reborn Gaming TF icon.png Dale que me cago quemando TF icon.png Dedo no cu e gritaria
Season 2
Season 3 Taste The Secret Icon.png Taste The Secret Phallanx icon.png Team PhallanX Sailor Moon Icon.png Sailor Moon TF icon.png Sifoda o MIX TF icon.png Solar System TF icon.png Bites za Dusto

Highlander Tournament[edit]

Season Gold icon.png Invite Winner Silver icon.png Invite Runner-up Bronze icon.png Invite 3rd place Gold icon.png Open Winner Silver icon.png Open Runner-up Bronze icon.png Open 3rd place
Season 1 Pepito icon.png Time de HL do Pepito TF icon.png bartolomeo sinson TF icon.png Big Brain Plays TF icon.png Peliculas Rey TF icon.png Open ta stackeado TF icon.png Pambo pone dispenser carajo!!