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AsiaFortress is an Asian community website, hosting Team Fortress 2 6v6 events for the Asia region. It is managed by the Head Administrator fwishy and several other appointed administrators and staff.

Leagues and competitions[edit]

AsiaFortress Cup[edit]

The AsiaFortress Cup is a round-robin league competition. Teams are split into three divisions, based on their level of skill. The regular season runs for 10 weeks, followed by the playoffs.

The competition has an entry fee of 6 refined (2 refined are returned after a complete season, without forfeits). The teams are roster-locked throughout the season. A season features four transfer windows, during which the players can join and leave clans, with the admins' approval.

A map can end in a win or a draw. The following win conditions are used:

  • Attack/Defend are played in a best of 3 format, with both teams switching places after every round;
  • 5CP maps are played for 30 minutes or until one of the teams reaches 5 total point captures;
  • King of the Hill maps are played in a best of 7 format (first to 4 wins), without a time limit.

Previous Winners[edit]

  • Season 13 - ت
  • Season 12 - TEAM FORTRESS 2
  • Season 11 - Burger Apocalypse
  • Season 10 - xiao
  • Season 9 - Mihaly's Flow
  • Season 8 - Kin Gaming
  • Season 7 - Kuso Scout
  • Season 6 - Lovely Sweet Dream
  • Season 5 - Lovely Sweet Dream
  • Season 4 - FML
  • Season 3 - The Fluffy 6
  • Season 2 - Dizziness
  • Season 1 - Such Lovely Pancakes

Mercenaries Cup[edit]

The Mercenaries Cup is a double-elimination knockout tournament. All matches in the tournament bracket are played as best of 3 maps. There is no entry fee, and the teams are roster-locked for the duration of the season. There are no transfer windows.

The ruleset is the same as in the AsiaFortress Cup, with the exception of not allowing draws. Draws are resolved by playing another round, known as a golden cap.

Previous Winners[edit]

  • Mercenaries Cup 7 - Club Penguin Crusaders
  • Mercenaries Cup 6 - Cute Beast
  • Mercenaries Cup 5 - Lee Jong Beom
  • Mercenaries Cup 4 - Muk Eun Ji
  • Mercenaries Cup 3 - Lovely Sweet Dream
  • Mercenaries Cup 2 - Choice

Other Events[edit]

AsiaFortress hosts a series of other events, including MGE and Ultiduo Tournaments.

Mash Potatoes[edit]

AsiaFortress Mash is a Round Robin event designed to help new players entering the Asian competitive scene attain some basic 6v6 knowledge. Sign-ups are sorted into teams of 4, and are mentored by 2 experienced players within the community.

Top Gun MGE[edit]

This MGE tourney hosts 2 separate divisions, Scout and Soldier. The tournament is played in a double elimination format, with players being seeded by the Administrator in charge.

Previous Winners[edit]

  • Season 1 Scout - larkyy
  • Season 1 Soldier - oro

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