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Map Information
Also known as Viaduct Pro, Viaduct
Map type KOTH
Latest version koth_product_final
First released July 2, 2013
Last updated July 29, 2021
Developers Maxime "Mimas Torres" Dupuis
Official map No
Download Download icon.png
Competitive Information
Format 6v6
In rotation AsiaFortress Cup 20
ETF2L 6v6 Season 42
RGL 6v6 Season 10
OZF 34

Product is a KOTH map created by Maxime "Mimas Torres" Dupuis.


Mid point[edit]

Product mid point callouts
Koth pro viaduct 1.png


Product stairs callouts
Koth pro viaduct 2.png

Behind point[edit]

Product behind point callouts
Koth pro viaduct 3.png

Map information[edit]

Point capture times (seconds)
Multiplier Control point
x1 12.00
x2 8.00
x3 6.55
x4 5.76
x5 5.26
x6 4.90
x7 4.63
x8 4.42
x9 4.24
x10 4.10
x11 3.97
Respawn wave times (seconds)
Owner of control point?
Neutral Yes No
6 8 4
Health and ammo packs
Small health Medium health Small ammo Medium ammo
1 4 2 5

Map pool history[edit]

Product was created from the original Viaduct map, without snow to maximize performance and with improved mechanics to balance it in competitive play. The map has gone through many iterations in its lifetime.[1]

The map was posted onto the Steam Team Fortress 2 Map Workshop[2] the day after the Map Workshop had opened for Team Fortress 2.[3] The submission of the map caused the renaming of the map in fear that Valve may not accept the map as the name would be too similar to the stock map.

koth_product is used commonly in Highlander, 6v6 and 4v4. This map is the most common King of the Hill map in 6v6, though other maps such as Coalplant / Ashville are sometimes played. In 6v6 teams are often seen running full time sniper on this map because the sight lines and terrain on the map offer the class an advantage not seen in other maps. Heavy is also used sometimes to deny enemy team bombers.

Product map pool history
DL Map version Asia Europe North America Oceania
Download icon.png koth_product_final AsiaFortress Cup 20 ETF2L Season 42 RGL Season 10 ozfortress OZF 33
AsiaFortress Cup 19 ETF2L Season 41 RGL Season 9 ozfortress OZF 32
RGL Season 8
Download icon.png koth_product_rcx AsiaFortress Cup 18 ETF2L Season 39 RGL Season 6 ozfortress OZF 31
AsiaFortress Cup 17 ETF2L Season 38 RGL Season 5 ozfortress OZF 30
AsiaFortress Cup 16 ETF2L Season 37 RGL Season 4 ozfortress OZF 29
ETF2L Season 36 RGL Season 3 ozfortress OZF 28
ETF2L Season 35 RGL Season 2 ozfortress OZF 27
ETF2L Season 34 RGL Season 1 ozfortress OZF 26
ETF2L Season 33 ozfortress OZF 25
Download icon.png koth_product_rc9 AsiaFortress Cup 15 ETF2L Season 32 ozfortress OZF 24
AsiaFortress Cup 14 ETF2L Season 31 ozfortress OZF 23
ETF2L Season 30 ozfortress OZF 22
Download icon.png koth_product_rc8 AsiaFortress Cup 13 ETF2L Season 29 ESEA Season 31 ozfortress OZF 21
AsiaFortress Cup 12 ETF2L Season 28 ESEA Season 28 ozfortress OZF 20
AsiaFortress Cup 11 ETF2L Season 27 ESEA Season 27 ozfortress OZF 19
AsiaFortress Cup 10 ETF2L Season 26 ESEA Season 26 ozfortress OZF 18
AsiaFortress Cup 9 ETF2L Season 25 ESEA Season 25 ozfortress OZF 17
ETF2L Season 24 ESEA Season 24 ozfortress OZF 16
ETF2L Season 23 ESEA Season 23 ozfortress OZF 15
ETF2L Season 22 ESEA Season 22 ozfortress OWL 14
Download icon.png koth_viaduct_pro7 ETF2L Season 21 ESEA Season 21
ESEA Season 20
Download icon.png koth_viaduct_pro6 ESEA Season 19
Download icon.png koth_viaduct_pro5 ETF2L Season 20 ESEA Season 18
Download icon.png koth_pro_viaduct_rc4 AsiaFortress Cup 8 ETF2L Season 19 ESEA Season 17 ozfortress OWL 13
ETF2L Season 18 ESEA Season 16 ozfortress OWL 12
ETF2L Season 17 ESEA Season 15 ozfortress OWL 11
ETF2L Season 16 ozfortress OWL 10
Download icon.png koth_pro_viaduct_rc3 AsiaFortress Cup 7 ETF2L Season 15 ESEA Season 14 ozfortress OWL 9
AsiaFortress Cup 6 ESEA Season 13 ozfortress OWL 8
AsiaFortress Season 5 ESEA Season 12 ozfortress OWL 7
ESEA Season 11
ESEA Season 10
Download icon.png koth_pro_viaduct_rc2 ESEA Season 9
koth_viaduct AsiaFortress Season 4 ESEA Season 8 ozfortress OWL 5
AsiaFortress Season 3 ESEA Season 7 ozfortress OWL 4
ESEA Season 6 ozfortress OWL 3
ESEA Season 5