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Map Information
Game Mode 5CP
Latest Version cp_warmfront
First Released December 9, 2009
Last Updated January 19, 2011
Developers Eric "Icarus" Wong
Sean "Heyo" Cutino
Pro Version Of cp_coldfront
Download Link Official Team Fortress Wiki Page Official Team Fortress Wiki Page (Competitive)

Warmfront is a community-made, 5CP symmetric map by “Justin” and Sean “Heyo” Cutino. The map is an adaption of Coldfront, removing the snow for an alpine setting purely for optimisation. Near the second point, "Garage" has been elevated for better suiting competitive play.

The modified garage area


Warmfront map pool history for premier 6v6 tournaments
DL Map version ASEAN Asia Europe Europe North America North America
Download icon.png cp_warmfront AsiaFortress Cup 6 ETF2L Season 9 ESEA Season 11
AsiaFortress Season 5 ESEA Season 10
ESEA Season 9
cp_coldfront AsiaFortress Season 4 ESEA Season 8
ESEA Season 7
Download icon.png cp_coldfront_rc2 ESEA Season 6


Both rollouts are demonstrated by Pinky