OWL 12

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OWL 12
Owl 12.png
Full name ozfortress winter league 12
Gold icon.png Champions Jasmine
Silver icon.png Runner-up 10-4 Rubber Ducky
Bronze icon.png Third place Tea Time
OWL 11

The ozfortress Winter League 12 was a seasonal, round-robin 6v6 invitational run by ozfortress in late 2014. It was run approximately two times a year. Teams were split into a number of divisions, arranged by skill. A typical competition ran over 10 weeks of matches and teams were invited to apply for selection before the competition begins.

Premier Division Teams[edit]


Scouticon.png Scout Dylie
Scouticon.png Scout blanz
Roamericon.png Roamer gnat
Pocketicon.png Pocket fear
Demomanicon.png Demoman lock
Medicicon.png Medic starviper

Tea Time[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Sam.
Scouticon.png Scout Elmo
Roamericon.png Roamer Abender
Pocketicon.png Pocket Jershhhh
Demomanicon.png Demoman campbell
Medicicon.png Medic Ampersand

The 25[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Disturbed
Scouticon.png Scout jakjak
Roamericon.png Roamer faith
Pocketicon.png Pocket b25
Demomanicon.png Demoman Realmy
Medicicon.png Medic ayr

Behemoth e-Sports[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout shooter
Scouticon.png Scout shrak
Roamericon.png Roamer roy
Pocketicon.png Pocket zaka
Demomanicon.png Demoman drat
Medicicon.png Medic havoc


Scouticon.png Scout odin
Scouticon.png Scout Ronnie
Roamericon.png Roamer tstm
Pocketicon.png Pocket milkmaiden
Demomanicon.png Demoman Magpie
Medicicon.png Medic darbs

L O I T E R S Q U A D[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout z0mbify
Scouticon.png Scout pr1med
Roamericon.png Roamer Paulsen
Pocketicon.png Pocket Raiin
Demomanicon.png Demoman Cindy
Medicicon.png Medic Daveii

10-4 Rubber Ducky[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout yuki
Scouticon.png Scout Smauglet
Roamericon.png Roamer eps
Pocketicon.png Pocket bulk
Demomanicon.png Demoman peZ
Medicicon.png Medic Q


Scouticon.png Scout jameh
Scouticon.png Scout Madness`
Roamericon.png Roamer SoLe
Pocketicon.png Pocket Geoh
Demomanicon.png Demoman ooloops
Medicicon.png Medic Brutalix


Important Dates[edit]

  • Sunday 14th September: Signups Open
  • Sunday 21nd September: Signups Close, Rosters Locked
  • Thursday 25th September: Teams Announced
  • Monday 29th September - Sunday 5th October: Round 1

Map Pool[edit]


  • The Boston Basher
  • The Winger
  • The Gunboats
  • The Black Box
  • The Escape Plan
  • The Pain Train
  • The Loose Cannon
  • The Kritzkrieg
  • The Übersaw
  • The Amputator
  • Crusader’s Crossbow
  • The Blutsauger
  • The Overdose
  • The Dalokohs Bar
  • The Jag
  • Conniver’s Kunai