OWL 10

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OWL 10
Full name Ozfortress Winter League 10
Gold icon.png Champions Team Immunity
Silver icon.png Runner-up supervillains
Bronze icon.png Third place World Underground
OWL 11

The tenth Ozfortress Winter League was held in the latter third of 2013. It saw the return of Division 6, and the continuation of Team Immunity's domination of Premier Division. During the season, it was announced that medals would be given to all teams who successfully completed the season, much in the same manner as the standard UGC medals. This article is about Premier Division. For results of the other divisions, see Ozfortress Winter League.


Team Immunity (7-0-0)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout sheep
Scouticon.png Scout subtitled
Roamericon.png Roamer aporia
Pocketicon.png Pocket yuki
Demomanicon.png Demoman bulk
Medicicon.png Medic bonobo

In the wake of Insomnia49, antwa left Team Immunity and they picked up subtitled, who was a prominent scout in early OWLs. They were considered clear favourites before the season, with their only real challengers being supervillains, who they had just defeated in OZFC 3. They won won the grand final in two maps, although the 5-3 5-4 scoreline was closer than many expected. Aporia received the award for the Best Roamer of the season.

Supervillains (6-0-1)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout snowblind
Scouticon.png Scout Smauglet
Roamericon.png Roamer buddah
Pocketicon.png Pocket eps
Demomanicon.png Demoman spaceman
Medicicon.png Medic Q

After OZFC 3, termo and zaka left supervillains, and they picked up buddah and spaceman, with eps moving from roamer to pocket. Their lineup was considered by many to be weaker than the roster which termo had led a month earlier. However, they challenged Team Immunity in the final, and termo's replacement spaceman was awarded the best demoman award, and zaka's replacement eps received the best pocket award. Their new leader, snowblind, was the best scout and season MVP, and his scout partner Smauglet, was the best utility.

World Underground (4-1-2)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout pr1med
Scouticon.png Scout Phake
Roamericon.png Roamer Raiin
Pocketicon.png Pocket Paulsen
Demomanicon.png Demoman Cinderella Man
Medicicon.png Medic colin

Due to players deciding to take a break after OWL 9, the wu roster was substantially different to the season before, when they placed fourth. Due to the demise of Rewound, they were able to pick up the best soldier of the previous season, pr1med, albeit playing scout, and long-time Premier Division roamer Raiin, resulting in what many saw as a stronger team. They performed better than the previous season, and although they lost 2-0 to supervillains in the semi-finals, they showed that they will contend with the top two teams in OWL 11 and beyond.

Truck Strat (3-2-2)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout cadiuS
Scouticon.png Scout SoLe
Roamericon.png Roamer logik
Pocketicon.png Pocket homer
Demomanicon.png Demoman peZ
Medicicon.png Medic Brutalix

After a complete roster reformation, the team that had placed second in Division 4 in OWL 9 resurfaced in Premier Division, picking up a variety of players who were on the verge of making a move into Prem. Despite this inexperience, they produced a solid showing in OWL 10, managing to make playoffs and end up in fourth place.

SixUp (2-1-4)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Shooter
Scouticon.png Scout Madness
Roamericon.png Roamer clownbaby
Pocketicon.png Pocket Geoh
Demomanicon.png Demoman Atrocious
Medicicon.png Medic mavericK

Comprised of a number of players who have been in the top divisions for several years, SixUp was intially favoured to become the fourth playoff team, but issues within the team resulted in a disappointing fifth place finish, only winning two matches all season (although they gave mG:S a forfeit win.) The team disbanded after the season.

Mindset Gaming:Synapse (2-0-5)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Abender
Scouticon.png Scout Elmo
Roamericon.png Roamer tonberry
Pocketicon.png Pocket Campbell
Demomanicon.png Demoman Tekk
Medicicon.png Medic Ampersand

A team which had worked its way up from the middle divisions, led by noted offclasser Abender, they were bolstered by the pre-season acquisition of tonberry. Due to other teams forfeiting matches in the latter stages of the season, mG:S ended up in sixth position, above their pre-season expectations. Tekk was named the Most Improved Player in Premier Division, and the team as a whole received the Friendliest Team award.

Crack Clan (1-0-6)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Gunblade
Scouticon.png Scout amd
Roamericon.png Roamer Shooting
Pocketicon.png Pocket Pishk
Demomanicon.png Demoman hayze
Medicicon.png Medic custardo

The Australian incarnation of global sponsor Crack Clan, this team found themselves in Prem after winning Division 2 in OWL 9. Before the season, they were aiming for a mid-table finish, but were lucky to avoid last place after their loss to EG Meats, and only the infraction points given to EG Meats for their forfeits saved them from the wooden spoon. They only won 1 map all season, the lowest of any team.

East Gosford Meats (1-0-6)[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Emerude
Scouticon.png Scout Paymh
Roamericon.png Roamer mant
Pocketicon.png Pocket Dubious
Demomanicon.png Demoman termo
Medicicon.png Medic Tommunist

The latest incarnation of RAC, East Gosford Meats was predicted to finish at the bottom of Premier Division, contesting mG:S for last place. Although they picked up termo after GeT-RiGhT left due to other commitments, it was not enough to save them from the bottom of the table. Despite their last place finish, there were encouraging signs for EG Meats, as they took rounds off many of the playoff teams that rolled the teams around their position on the table.



Finals Map Pool[edit]

In OWL Finals, each team bans one map from the pool, then each team picks one. The final remaining map is played as a decider.


Regular season[edit]

Pos Team P W D L MW MD ML B Total Matches
1 Team Immunity 7 7 0 0 14 0 0 13 28
2 supervillains 7 6 0 1 12 0 2 13 24
3 World Underground 7 4 1 2 9 0 5 6 18
4 Truck Strat 7 3 2 2 8 0 6 7 16
5 SixUp 7 2 1 4 5 0 9 5 9
6 Mindset Gaming:Synapse 7 2 0 5 4 1 9 5 9
7 Crack Clan 7 1 0 6 1 1 12 0 2
8 EG Meats 7 1 0 6 2 0 12 5 1

*Match was forfeited

Finals Bracket[edit]

  Semi Finals     Grand Final
  1  Team Immunity 2  
  4  Truck Strat 0    
      1  Team Immunity 2
      2  Supervillains 0
  2  Supervillains 2    
  3  World Underground 0   3rd Place Playoff
3  World Underground 2
  4  Truck Strat 0



Team Immunity 2 0 Truck Strat
December 8, 2013
Koth pro viaduct rc4.png
iM 4-0 ts.
iM 5-0 ts.
iM [TBD] ts.
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Supervillains 2 0 World Underground
December 5, 2013
sv 5-4 :wu
Koth pro viaduct rc4.png
sv 4-2 :wu
sv [TBD] :wu
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3rd Place

World Underground 2 0 Truck Strat
December 12, 2013
Cp badlands.png
:wu 5-0 ts.
Cp snakewater.png
:wu 5-1 ts.
:wu [TBD] ts.
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Grand Final

Team Immunity 2 0 Supervillains
December 10, 2013
Cp badlands.png
iM 5-3 sv
Cp snakewater.png
iM 5-4 sv
iM [TBD] sv
Team Immunity become OWL 10 Premier Division Champions.
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Award Team Player(s)
Best Scout sv snowblind
Best Pocket sv eps
Best Roamer iM aporia
Best Medic sv Q
Best Demoman sv spaceman
Best Utility sv Smauglet
Most Improved Player mG:s Tekk
Most Valuable Player sv snowblind
Most Improved Team ts homer, logik, cadiuS, peZ, SoLe, Brutalix
Friendliest Team mG:s Abender, Tekk, tonberry, Elmo, Campbell, Ampersand