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Map Information
Map type CTF
Latest version ctf_turbine
First released October 18, 2007
Last updated June 19, 2008
Developer Bill "Flobster" Johnston
Official map Yes
Competitive Information
Format 6v6
In rotation None

Turbine is a community created official map made by Bill "Flobster" Johnston. It has since been adapted to Turbine Pro. Both versions of the map are no longer run in any leagues of any format.

Map pool history[edit]

Turbine map pool history
DL Map version Asia Europe North America
Download icon.png ctf_turbine_pro_rc4 ETF2L Season 18
Download icon.png ctf_turbine_pro_rc2 ETF2L Season 13
Download icon.png ctf_turbine_pro_rc1 ETF2L Season 9
ctf_turbine AsiaFortress Season 4 ETF2L Season 7 ESEA Season 5
ETF2L Season 6
ETF2L Season 5
ETF2L Season 4
ETF2L Season 3
ETF2L Season 2
ETF2L Season 1