OWL 11

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OWL 11
OWL11 logo.png
Full name ozfortress winter league 11
Gold icon.png Champions Team Immunity
Silver icon.png Runner-up One Night Stand
Bronze icon.png Third place Crack Clan Australia
OWL 10

The Ozfortress Winter League, the premier competition series run by ozfortress, is a seasonal, round-robin 6v6 invitational. It is run approximately two times a year. Teams are split into a number of divisions, arranged by skill. A typical competition runs over 10 weeks of matches and teams are invited to apply for selection before the competition begins.

Premier Division Teams[edit]

Team Immunity[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout sheep
Scouticon.png Scout snowblind
Roamericon.png Roamer aporia
Pocketicon.png Pocket yuki
Demomanicon.png Demoman bulk
Medicicon.png Medic bonobo


Scouticon.png Scout K13R7N
Scouticon.png Scout JT
Roamericon.png Roamer songchul
Pocketicon.png Pocket render
Demomanicon.png Demoman Johno
Medicicon.png Medic tommunist

Great Job[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Doctor
Scouticon.png Scout Kaiza
Roamericon.png Roamer fear
Pocketicon.png Pocket Dubious
Demomanicon.png Demoman Magpie
Medicicon.png Medic Darien

One Night Stand[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Shneaky
Scouticon.png Scout dorky
Roamericon.png Roamer caberman
Pocketicon.png Pocket tonberry
Demomanicon.png Demoman Cinderella Man
Medicicon.png Medic Vinty

Sunday Sesh[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Geoh
Scouticon.png Scout buddah
Roamericon.png Roamer harbs
Pocketicon.png Pocket Milkmaiden
Demomanicon.png Demoman atrocious
Medicicon.png Medic Bear


Scouticon.png Scout Disturbed
Scouticon.png Scout Elmo
Roamericon.png Roamer mega
Pocketicon.png Pocket campbell
Demomanicon.png Demoman Tekk
Medicicon.png Medic Ampersand

Crack Clan[edit]

Scouticon.png Scout Gunblade
Scouticon.png Scout Shooter
Roamericon.png Roamer Theyleon
Pocketicon.png Pocket Pishk
Demomanicon.png Demoman yewl
Medicicon.png Medic hayze


Scouticon.png Scout abigbee
Scouticon.png Scout skaro
Roamericon.png Roamer dvp
Pocketicon.png Pocket lammy
Demomanicon.png Demoman voodoo
Medicicon.png Medic FlightOfGrey


Important Dates[edit]

  • Sunday 16th March: Signups Open
  • Sunday 23rd March: Signups Close, Rosters Locked
  • Wednesday 26th March: Teams Announced
  • Sunday 30th March: Transfer Window 1
  • Monday 31st March – Sunday 6th April: Round 1

Map Pool[edit]


  • The Boston Basher
  • The Winger
  • The Gunboats
  • The Black Box
  • The Escape Plan
  • The Pain Train
  • The Loose Cannon
  • The Kritzkrieg
  • The Übersaw
  • The Amputator
  • Crusader’s Crossbow
  • The Blutsauger
  • The Overdose
  • The Dalokohs Bar
  • The Jag
  • Conniver’s Kunai