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Map Information
Game Mode 5CP
Latest Version cp_follower
Last Updated April 25, 2009
Developer David "VilePickle" Lohmeyer
Download Link

Follower is a community-made Standard Control Point map by Vilepickle. The map is heavily influenced by Badlands and Granary, with a Badlands style mid point and the second and last points based off Granary. Follower was used multiple times in early seasons for UGC, ETF2L, ESEA, and ozfortress in both Highlander and 6v6. Development of the map has ceased as it has reached its final version.

Usage in competitive[edit]

Follower map pool history for premier 6v6 tournaments
DL Map version ASEAN Asia North America North America Oceania Oceania
Download icon.png cp_follower AsiaFortress Season 4 ESEA Season 5 ozfortress OWL 4
AsiaFortress Season 3 ESEA Season 4 ozfortress OWL 3
AsiaFortress Season 2 ESEA Season 3 ozfortress OWL 2