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Map Information
Map type 5CP
Latest version cp_freight_final1
First released 15 July, 2008
Last updated 28 April, 2010
Developers Jamie "Fishbus" Manson
Mitch "Ol" Robb
Official map Yes
Competitive Information
Format 6v6
In rotation None

cp_freight_final1 is a community-made, now official map made by Jamie "Fishbus" Manson and Mitch "Ol" Robb. The map is similar to the design of Well, with underwater routes and trains around the mid point. The map was adopted by Valve and made an official map on April 28, 2010 due to its popularity in both pub and competitive play. 5 years later the creator came back and made the slightly improved final_r3 version.

Map pool history[edit]

Freight map pool history
DL Map version Asia Europe North America Oceania
cp_freight_final1 AsiaFortress Season 5 ETF2L Season 11 ozfortress OWL 5
AsiaFortress Season 4 ETF2L Season 8 ozfortress OWL 4
AsiaFortress Season 3 ozfortress OWL 3
Download icon.png cp_freight AsiaFortress Season 2 ETF2L Season 7 ESEA Season 5 ozfortress OWL 2
ETF2L Season 6 ESEA Season 4
ETF2L Season 5 ESEA Season 3
ESEA Season 2
Download icon.png cp_freight_b3 ETF2L Season 4
ETF2L Season 3