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Map Information
Map type CTF
Latest version ctf_2fort
First released October 9 2007
Last updated April 28 2008
Developer Valve
Official map Yes
Competitive Information
Format 6v6
In rotation None

2Fort is one of the six maps included with Team Fortress 2's retail release, and is a staple map of the series, playable in all other Team Fortress games.

The objective of each team is to reach the other team's basement on the far side of the map, retrieve a "flag" briefcase, and return it to their own basement without dying en route.

Due to the high prevalence of tight corridors and low ceilings in the map restricting movement, and the difficulty of breaking a defense leading to stalemates where neither team can win, 2fort is currently unpopular as a map choice for the TF2 competitive community.

Map pool history[edit]

2Fort map pool history
DL Map version Europe
ctf_2fort ETF2L Season 2
ETF2L Season 1