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Map Information
Map type KOTH
Latest version koth_bagel_rc5
First released July 24, 2016
Last updated August 15, 2021
Developer Yrrzy
Official map No
Download Download icon.png
Competitive Information
Format 6v6
In rotation RGL 6v6 Season 10
OZF 34

Bagel is a King of the Hill map made by the mapmaker Yrrzy. It was originally born in a 72hr mapping contest. The tubular capture point is based off Gullywash's "nipple" caputure point in mid. It was one of the most well received maps in the MapChamp event in MixChamp.

Map information[edit]

Point capture times (seconds)
Multiplier Control point
x1 8.30
x2 5.53
x3 4.53
x4 3.98
x5 3.64
x6 3.39
x7 3.20
x8 3.05
x9 2.93
x10 2.83
x11 2.75
Respawn wave times (seconds)
Owner of control point?
Neutral Yes No
6 8 4
Health and ammo packs
Small health Medium health Small ammo Medium ammo
2 6 2 8

Map pool history[edit]

Bagel map pool history
DL Map version Asia North America Oceania
Download icon.png koth_bagel_rc5 AsiaFortress Cup 19 RGL Season 10 ozfortress OZF 34
RGL Season 9 ozfortress OZF 33
RGL Season 8
RGL Season 7
Download icon.png koth_bagel_rc4a RGL Season 6
Download icon.png koth_bagel_rc3 RGL Season 5
RGL Season 4
koth_bagel_fall_b9 RGL Season 3
Download icon.png koth_bagel_fall_b3 ozfortress OZF 27