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Map Information
Map type 5CP
Latest version cp_yukon_final
First released March 16, 2009
Last updated January 19, 2011
Developer Patrick "MangyCarface" Mulholland
Official map Yes
Competitive Information
Format 6v6
In rotation None

Yukon is a community-made 5CP map by MangyCarface. Formerly named as Ash Ridge, the map was made official on August 23, 2009 and was used multiple times in early 6v6 seasons of UGC, ESEA and ozfortress, as well as UGC Highlander.

Map pool history[edit]

Yukon map pool history
DL Map version Asia North America Oceania
cp_yukon_final AsiaFortress Season 5 ESEA Season 9 ozfortress OWL 6
AsiaFortress Season 2 ESEA Season 8 ozfortress OWL 5
ESEA Season 7 ozfortress OWL 4
ESEA Season 5
ESEA Season 4
https://rotabland.eu/maps/map.php?id=1571&type=0 cp_yukon_rc2a ESEA Season 3