Gold Rush

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Gold Rush
Gold Rush.jpg
Map Information
Map type Payload
Stages 3
Control points 6 (2 per stage)
Latest version pl_goldrush
First released April 29, 2008
Last updated December 11, 2008
Developer Valve
Official map Yes
Competitive Information
Format 6v6
In rotation None

Gold Rush is a Payload map and the first map included in Team Fortress 2 to feature this mode, as well as the third non-release map added to the game. It is broken into three stages.

Balancing and gameplay issues such as narrow, easily sticky-trapped corridors restricting play, very long sight lines for Snipers to spot and shoot people, and a lack of alternate exit doors on spawn rooms making spawncamping easy currently makes Goldrush unfavourable with the TF2 competitive community.

Map pool history[edit]

Gold Rush map pool history
DL Map version Europe
pl_goldrush ETF2L Season 3