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ozfortress is an Australian community website, with the largest population of competitive Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress Classic players in the Oceanic region. ozfortress 6v6 uses the global whitelist.

Current Leagues and Competitions[edit]

OZF: the ozfortress Seasonal League[edit]

Announced on the 24th February, 2016, the ozfortress seasonal league is the successor to the organization's previous OWL tournaments that concluded with OWL 14 and were continued into OZF 15 and beyond. The tournament has been ran triannually since its inception and features five tiers: Premier, High, Intermediate, Main and Open. Main was introduced as a solution to sandbagging and to provide a middle ground between Open and Intermediate. The tier debuted for OZF 25.

Previous OZF Premier Champions[edit]

Year Season Winner
2016 (Mar-Jun) OZF 15 Jasmine Tea
2016 (Jul-Sep) OZF 16 Jasmine Tea
2016 (Sep-Nov) OZF 17 The Hardies
2017 (Feb-Apr) OZF 18 No Safeword
2017 (May-Jun) OZF 19 Jasmine Tea
2017 (Aug-Oct) OZF 20 The Sauce
2018 (Jan-Apr) OZF 21 Y U G I B O Y S
2018 (May-Jul) OZF 22 Pencil Case
2018 (Sep-Nov) OZF 23 Jasmine Tea
2019 (Jan-Apr) OZF 24 Coffee Clock
2019 (May-Aug) OZF 25 Coffee Clock
2019 (Sep-Dec) OZF 26 Coffee Clock
2020 (Jan-Apr) OZF 27 happy feet
2020 (May-Jul) OZF 28 happy feet
2020 (Aug-Nov) OZF 29 soirée
2021 (Jan-Apr) OZF 30 soirée
2021 (May-Jul) OZF 31 ALT
2021 (Sep-Dec) OZF 32 soirée
2022 (Jan-Apr) OZF 33 30
2022 (May-Jul) OZF 34 Witness Gaming
2022 (Sep-Dec) OZF 35 Witness Gaming

OZHL: the ozfortress Highlander Seasonal League[edit]

The ozfortress highlander league is a newer ladder designed for Highlander competition. It functions much in the same way as OZF, but with a map pool, ruleset and weapon banlist suited to the Highlander gamemode.

Previous OZHL Premier Champions[edit]

Season Winner
OZHL 1 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
OZHL 2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

MSNC: A Midsummer Night's Cup[edit]

A Midsummer Night's Cup are a series of single-night 6v6 competitions that were run twice a summer from 2017 through to 2019. From 2020 however, MSNC have been run at irregular intervals with the recent addition of a MSNC Highlander league. Teams are split into three divisions - either Premier, Intermediate and Open or Divisions 1 through 3. The focus for these cups is to provide ozfortress players with a more casual laid-back experience in between seasons. Hence, many MSNC tournaments have seen looser team compositions and more extensive offclassing than the ozfortress seasonal league.

Previous MSNC Premier Champions[edit]

Season Winner
MSNC 2017 #1 mt
MSNC 2017 #2 nt
MSNC 2018 #1 Jazz Men
MSNC 2018 #2 Y U G I B O Y S
MSNC 2019 #1 Mad Men
MSNC 2019 #2 Lollipop
MSNC 2020 :gorilla:
MSNC Sixes 2023 Witness Gaming


ozfortress Ultiduo was a seasonal open single-elimination competition run during the offseason between OWLs. However, following the transition to the OZF league, ozfortress Ultiduo has varied widely in both format and schedule. The competition has changed from taking place over a single afternoon/evening to multi-day tournaments. Most recently (Ultiduo 16), the tournament has been run over 3 days and 2 divisions.

Previous Ultiduo Champions[edit]

Season Winner
Ultiduo 1 sinistar/bowt
Ultiduo 2 nesk/bowt
Ultiduo 3 komplex/tinfed
Ultiduo 4 lottic/aze
Ultiduo 5 lottic/yuri
Ultiduo 6 yuki/bonobo
Ultiduo 7 yuki/bonobo
Ultiduo 8 yuki/No Mercy
Ultiduo 9 yuki/bonobo
Ultiduo 10 Jersh/Sam.
Ultiduo 11 rky/Sam.
Ultiduo 12 rky/Sam.
Ultiduo 13 rky/arnold
Ultiduo 14 rky/arnold
Ultiduo 15 silvo/ceekay
Ultiduo 16 rky/jd

Previous Leagues and Competitions[edit]

This section covers currently inactive ozfortress leagues or competitions. This includes those that have been formally concluded and those that may return in future years.

OWL: the ozfortress Winter League[edit]

The ozfortress winter league, was the premier competition series run by ozfortress. It was a seasonal, round-robin 6v6 invitational that ran approximately twice a year. Teams were split into skill based divisions, from Division 1 or Premier down to Division 6. However, the number of divisions often varied between seasons depending on the number of teams registered. A typical competition ran over 10 weeks of matches and teams were invited to apply for selection before the competition began. OWL was later phased out in favour of the ozfortress seasonal league following OWL 14. Recently however, the ozfortress winter league has made a comeback in the form of OWL 2021, running alongside the existing OZF seasonal league.

Previous OWL Champions[edit]

Season Winner
OWL 1 pretty good
OWL 2 Team Immunity
OWL 3 Team Immunity
OWL 4 Team Immunity
OWL 5 Team Immunity
OWL 6 Team Immunity
OWL 7 Team Immunity
OWL 8 Team Immunity
OWL 9 Team Immunity
OWL 10 Team Immunity
OWL 11 Team Immunity
OWL 12 Jasmine
OWL 13 Cash Money
OWL 14 Team Impunity
OWL 2021 Vanquish's Aiming Academy

OZFL: the ozfortress league[edit]

The ozfortress league was the longest running competition in Australia/New Zealand. The ozfortress league was a ladder competition, open to teams of all skill levels. Match scheduling was determined by a team's win/loss streak, which provided them with the opportunity to face opponents at other skill levels, or opponents they would otherwise never meet in regular scrimmage. This league was seen as a proving ground for new maps designed for the competitive community, and was paired with a less restrictive weapon banlist. OZFL was largely regarded as a pathway into ozfortress' previous premier competition, the ozfortress winter league (OWL) series.

OZFC: the ozfortress cup[edit]

The ozfortress cup was a double elimination exhibition competition. The cup had 16 slots, 12 of which were occupied by the top 12 teams of the year. The remaining 4 slots were claimed as eight 'wildcards' who competed with each other in a qualifier format.

Previous OZFC Champions[edit]

Season Winner
OZFC 2 Team Immunity
OZFC 3 Team Immunity

C4C: Capping for a Cause[edit]

Capping for a Cause (stylised as Capping 4 a Cause, or C4C) is a 16 team, open double-elimination competition aimed at raising funds for a named charity. Teams are asked to 'buy' their seeding by donating to the charity, where the highest seeds are given to the highest donating teams, providing them with a scheduling advantage throughout the tournament. Over the first three iterations of C4C, over $7000 has been raised for charities. These include the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, BeyondBlue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Previous C4C Champions[edit]

Season Winner
C4C Team Immunity
C4C2 Team Immunity
C4C3 Team Immunity