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[e][h]Medicicon.png Beater
Beater at Dreamhack Winter 2015
Player Information
Rune Martinussen
Years Active:
2010 - Present
good job everygotti
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ETF2L Awards
Caster of the Season - Season 27
2010 - 2010
2011 - 2011
Plan B
2012 - 2012
2013 - 2013
Let's get banned!
2013 - 2013
Good Manners
2013 - 2013
nervousENERGY Insanity
2014 - 2014
2014 - 2014
Team Satisfactory
2015 - 2015
2015 - 2015
2017 - Present

Rune "Beater" Martinussen is a Danish Competitive TF2 player and community contributor. He is most known in game for playing Medic for ETF2L Premiership team LEGO in their first two seasons.

Beater's ongoing series of "Legacy" fragmovies are created in the honour of some of the best 6v6 players in TF2 history. To have a Legacy video made in one's name is considered to be a great achievement for a competitive Team Fortress 2 player. Beater also uploads numerous Highlight videos of tournaments such as Insomnia/Dreamhack/Rewind LAN events, besides online tournaments across the globe. He uploads this content on his YouTube channel whilst also casting for various TF2 organisations.

Legacy Videos[edit]

As of May 2023, Beater has created 138 Legacy videos over the course of eight years. They are listed chronologically below. Bold dates represent the first Legacy video of each year.

# Video Date Class Player/s Region
1 B4nny Legacy 2014-06-09 Demomanicon.png + United States b4nny United States North America
2 MGE Mike Legacy 2014-06-09 Pocketicon.png Wales Mike Europe Europe
3 Clockwork Legacy 2014-06-10 Scouticon.png United States Clockwork United States North America
4 Jukebox Legacy 2014-06-10 Roamericon.png Sweden Jukebox Europe Europe
5 Platinum Legacy 2014-06-10 Demomanicon.png United States Platinum United States North America
6 Enigma Legacy 2014-06-11 Scouticon.png United States enigma United States North America
7 Schocky Legacy 2014-06-11 Scouticon.png Germany schocky Europe Europe
8 A_Seagull Legacy 2014-06-11 Roamericon.png United States Seagull United States North America
9 KnoxXx Legacy 2014-06-12 Soldiericon.png + France KnOxXx Europe Europe
10 Kaidus Legacy 2014-06-13 Demomanicon.png England kaidus Europe Europe
11 Lansky Legacy 2014-06-13 Pocketicon.png United States lansky United States North America
12 Numlocked Legacy 2014-06-13 Demomanicon.png England numlocked Europe Europe
13 GeaR Legacy 2014-06-13 Roamericon.png Germany GeaR Europe Europe
14 Cyzer Legacy 2014-06-14 Scouticon.png Canada cyzer United States North America
15 TviQ Legacy 2014-06-14 Scouticon.png + Sweden TviQ Europe Europe
16 Tek Legacy 2014-06-15 Soldiericon.png France Tek Europe Europe
17 Harbleu Legacy 2014-06-16 Medicicon.png + United States harbleu United States North America
18 Zebbosai Legacy 2014-06-17 Scouticon.png + Sweden Zebbosai Europe Europe
19 Mackey Legacy 2014-06-17 Roamericon.png United States mackey United States North America
20 TLR Legacy 2014-06-18 Pocketicon.png United States TLR United States North America
21 KileR4funN Legacy 2014-06-18 Scouticon.png Portugal Kiler4fun Europe Europe
22 wltrs Legacy 2015-04-04 Scouticon.png Sweden wltrs Europe Europe
23 Mirelin Legacy 2015-04-04 Medicicon.png Latvia Mirelin Europe Europe
24 Tri Legacy 2015-04-05 Soldiericon.png Canada tri United States North America
25 Ryb Legacy 2015-04-07 Demomanicon.png Sweden ryb Europe Europe
26 Ruwin Legacy 2015-04-08 Scouticon.png Canada Ruwin United States North America
27 Brego Legacy 2015-04-09 Demomanicon.png Germany Brego Europe Europe
28 Relic Legacy 2015-04-12 Soldiericon.png United States relic United States North America
29 Forsak3n Legacy 2015-04-12 Soldiericon.png Russia Forsak3n Europe Europe
30 Stark Legacy 2015-04-14 Scouticon.png England Starkie Europe Europe
31 Dummy Legacy 2015-04-16 Demomanicon.png United States dummy United States North America
32 Aussie Legacy 2015-04-22 TF icon.png Australia yuki Australia sheep Australia pr1med Australia Puddy
Australia aporia Australia bowt Australia termo
Australia Oceania
33 yz50 Legacy 2015-04-16 Scouticon.png United States Yz50 United States North America
34 WAR Legacy 2015-04-27 Demomanicon.png England WARHURYEAH Europe Europe
35 Cookye Legacy 2015-04-29 Scouticon.png Finland cookye Europe Europe
36 Tagg Legacy 2015-05-28 Roamericon.png United States tagg United States North America
37 Blaze Legacy 2015-05-31 Soldiericon.png Canada blaze United States North America
38 Flippy Legacy 2015-06-01 Scouticon.png France Flippy Europe Europe
39 Ipz Legacy 2015-07-22 Soldiericon.png Germany ipz Europe Europe
40 Shade Legacy 2015-08-27 Medicicon.png United States shade United States North America
41 Ma3la Legacy 2015-08-27 Soldiericon.png United States Ma3la United States North America
42 smzi Legacy 2015-09-24 Scouticon.png Germany SVMZI Europe Europe
43 Shrugger Legacy 2016-03-02 Scouticon.png United States Shrugger United States North America
44 Beavern Legacy 2016-04-20 Scouticon.png Sweden Beavern Europe Europe
45 Duwatna Legacy 2016-04-22 Demomanicon.png United States duwatna United States North America
46 Shadowburn Legacy 2016-05-21 Soldiericon.png Russia ShaDowBurn Europe Europe
47 Rando Legacy 2016-05-25 Soldiericon.png United States rando United States North America
48 Alfa Legacy 2016-06-09 Soldiericon.png United States alfa United States North America
49 T-Mac Legacy 2016-06-18 Soldiericon.png France T-Mac Europe Europe
50 Decimate Legacy 2016-09-09 Scouticon.png United States Decimate United States North America
51 Captainhax Legacy 2016-09-17 Soldiericon.png France Captainhax Europe Europe
52 Kaptain Legacy 2016-12-11 Soldiericon.png Netherlands kaptain Europe Europe
53 AMS Legacy 2016-12-12 Scouticon.png Finland AMS Europe Europe
54 Deadbolt & Paragon Legacy 2017-01-09 Demomanicon.png Scouticon.png United States deadbolt United States paragon United States North America
55 Bdonski Legacy 2017-05-03 Demomanicon.png United States Bdonski United States North America
56 Freestate Legacy 2017-05-07 Scouticon.png United States Freestate United States North America
57 Rising Legacy 2017-06-05 Soldiericon.png Germany Rising Europe Europe
58 Indust Legacy 2017-06-15 Medicicon.png United States indust United States North America
59 Nursey Legacy 2017-06-16 Medicicon.png United States Nursey United States North America
60 Josh Legacy 2017-09-15 Soldiericon.png Ireland Josh Europe Europe
61 Aussie Legacy 2 2017-08-16 TF icon.png Australia Yuki Australia sheep Australia snowblind Australia Madness`
Australia Yui Australia termo Australia Paulsen Australia bowt
Australia aporia Australia Zaka Australia Geoh Australia Raiin
Australia Greyhunter Australia pr1med
Australia Oceania
62 Thalash Legacy 2017-12-11 Scouticon.png Denmark Thalash Europe Europe
63 Helberg Legacy 2017-12-31 Scouticon.png Denmark helberg Europe Europe
64 dmoule Legacy 2018-02-05 Soldiericon.png France dmoule Europe Europe
65 Dr. Phil Legacy 2018-06-16 Demomanicon.png Denmark Dr. Phil Europe Europe
66 Clockwork Legacy 2 2018-07-02 Scouticon.png United States Clockwork United States North America
67 Smirre Legacy 2018-09-10 Demomanicon.png Sweden Smirre Europe Europe
68 Garbuglio Legacy 2018-09-13 Soldiericon.png United States garbuglio United States North America
69 Thaigrr Legacy 2018-09-16 Scouticon.png England Thaigrr Europe Europe
70 Mr Epic Legacy 2018-09-18 Scouticon.png Russia Mr.Epic Europe Europe
71 MGE Mike Legacy 2 2018-10-18 Soldiericon.png Wales Mike Europe Europe
72 B4nny Legacy 2 2018-10-26 Scouticon.png + United States b4nny United States North America
73 Elacour Legacy 2018-11-05 Demomanicon.png France Elacour Europe Europe
74 Paddie Legacy 2018-11-11 Scouticon.png + Canada paddie United States North America
75 Habib Legacy 2018-12-16 Demomanicon.png Canada habib United States North America
76 Drackk Legacy 2019-01-07 Soldiericon.png England Drackk Europe Europe
77 Silentes Legacy 2019-02-06 Soldiericon.png England Silentes Europe Europe
78 Alle Legacy 2019-06-18 Demomanicon.png Sweden alle Europe Europe
79 Credu Legacy 2019-06-14 Scouticon.png Finland credu Europe Europe
80 Polygon Legacy 2019-10-02 Soldiericon.png England PolygoN Europe Europe
81 Yomps Legacy 2019-10-18 Scouticon.png + United States yomps United States North America
82 Tek Legacy 2 2019-10-31 Soldiericon.png France Tek Europe Europe
83 Corsa Legacy 2019-12-06 Scouticon.png United States corsa United States North America
84 Starkie Legacy 2 2020-01-01 Scouticon.png + England Starkie Europe Europe
85 Blaze Legacy 2 2020-02-04 Soldiericon.png Canada blaze United States North America
86 Botmode Legacy 2020-02-17 Demomanicon.png United States botmode United States North America
87 Funs Legacy 2020-02-18 Scouticon.png Wales Funs Europe Europe
88 Lukas Legacy 2020-02-19 Demomanicon.png Czech Republic lukas Europe Europe
89 Grape Legacy 2020-02-20 Soldiericon.png United States grape United States North America
90 Alba Legacy 2020-02-22 Scouticon.png Sweden alba Europe Europe
91 Sighguy Legacy 2020-02-23 Soldiericon.png United States sighguy United States North America
92 Dennia Legacy 2020-02-25 Scouticon.png Sweden Dennia Europe Europe
93 Raf Legacy 2020-05-15 Soldiericon.png France Raf Europe Europe
94 Papi Legacy 2020-08-20 Soldiericon.png England Papi Europe Europe
95 Sorex Legacy 2020-08-22 Scouticon.png Italy sorex Europe Europe
96 DD5F Legacy 2020-08-24 Soldiericon.png Germany dd5f Europe Europe
97 Kadius Legacy 2 2020-09-09 Demomanicon.png England kaidus Europe Europe
98 Arekk Legacy 2020-09-16 Scouticon.png United States arekk United States North America
99 Corbac Legacy 2020-10-07 Soldiericon.png France Corbac Europe Europe
100 Domo Legacy 2020-10-09 Demomanicon.png United Kingdom Domo Europe Europe
101 Slemnish Legacy 2020-10-11 Scouticon.png United States slemnish United States North America
102 Counou Legacy 2020-10-14 Scouticon.png + United Kingdom counou Europe Europe
103 Jayhyunpae Legacy 2020-10-27 Soldiericon.png United States jayhyunpae United States North America
104 Paulsen Legacy 2020-11-09 Soldiericon.png + Australia Paulsen Australia Oceania
105 Cooki Legacy 2021-01-03 Scouticon.png Australia cooki Australia Oceania
106 Iatgink Legacy 2021-01-17 Soldiericon.png England Iatgink Europe Europe
107 Kaptain Legacy 2 2021-01-21 Soldiericon.png Netherlands kaptain Europe Europe
108 Sam Legacy 2021-02-10 Scouticon.png Australia Sam. Australia Oceania
109 Opti Legacy 2021-02-11 Soldiericon.png France Opti Europe Europe
110 Ash Legacy 2021-02-13 Soldiericon.png + United States ash United States North America
112 Raymon Legacy 2021-02-18 Medicicon.png England Raymon Europe Europe
113 YeeHaw Legacy 2021-02-23 Scouticon.png England YeeHaw Europe Europe
114 Laz Legacy 2021-03-03 Soldiericon.png United States laz United States North America
115 Redcoatzygote Legacy 2021-04-18 Demomanicon.png Australia redcoatzygote Australia Oceania
116 Josh Legacy 2 2021-04-26 Soldiericon.png Ireland Josh Europe Europe
117 Yight Legacy 2021-06-06 Scouticon.png + United States yight United States North America
118 Riot Legacy 2021-06-08 Soldiericon.png Australia riot Australia Oceania
119 Alex.exe Legacy 2021-06-18 Demomanicon.png United States Alex.exe United States North America
120 Nubbi Legacy 2021-07-04 Soldiericon.png Hungary nubbi Europe Europe
121 Shamoo Legacy 2021-07-10 Scouticon.png Canada shamoo United States North America
122 Eemes Legacy 2021-09-25 Demomanicon.png United Kingdom Eemes Europe Europe
123 Neo Legacy 2021-10-24 Scouticon.png France Néo Europe Europe
124 Amarok Legacy 2021-11-28 Soldiericon.png France amarok Europe Europe
125 Toemas Legacy 2022-01-01 Scouticon.png United Kingdom toemas Europe Europe
126 Down Legacy 2022-06-03 Scouticon.png Australia down Australia Oceania
127 Soapymeister Legacy 2022-06-18 Soldiericon.png United States SOAPYMEiSTER United States North America
128 Jay Legacy 2 2022-07-23 Soldiericon.png United States jayhyunpae United States North America
129 Habib Legacy 2 2022-07-24 Demomanicon.png Canada habib United States North America
130 Doge.exe Legacy 2022-10-14 Soldiericon.png + Australia Doge.exe Australia Oceania
131 Marmaloo Legacy 2022-10-20 Soldiericon.png United States marmaloo United States North America
132 Silvo Legacy 2022-12-06 Scouticon.png Australia silvo Australia Oceania
133 Feyn Legacy 2022-12-16 Soldiericon.png Australia feyn Australia Oceania
134 Hugo Legacy 2023-01-09 Soldiericon.png United Kingdom Hugo Europe Europe
135 Yewl Legacy 2023-02-16 Soldiericon.png Australia yewl Australia Oceania
136 Enrith Legacy 2023-04-09 Demomanicon.png Australia enrith Australia Oceania
137 Mirrorman Legacy 2023-05-06 Soldiericon.png United States mirrorman United States North America
138 Adysky Legacy 2023-05-08 Demomanicon.png + Slovakia adysky Europe Europe