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United States deadbolt
deadbolt at the ESEA-I Season 18 LAN
Player Information
Name Chris H.
Nationality United States United States
Status Inactive (2013 - 2015)
Mains Demoman Demoman
Scout Scout
Career Winnings $1,400
Team History
Esports Earnings Page ESEA Player Page Page

Chris "deadbolt" H. was an American competitive Team Fortress 2 player who played exclusively with team Street Hoops eSports along with his twin brother paragon. He played Scout and Demoman for six seasons, four of which were in ESEA-Invite.


Deadbolt's first season was in Season 14 Open where he finished 2nd with Street Hoops (a team he would stay with for his whole ESEA Career). After finishing 2nd in Season 15 ESEA-Main (the only season of Main in the history of ESEA TF2) Deadbolt made his Invite debut with the team in Season 16, finishing 3rd in his debut Season with the team in Invite, eventually losing in the Lower-Bracket Final against Classic Mixup. After switching from Scout to Demoman another LAN appearance followed in Season 17, once again losing to Mixup in the Lower-Bracket 1st round and finishing 4th overall. In Season 18 another 3rd place finish followed, this time losing to eLevate once again in the Lower-Bracket. In his last Season despite finishing 3rd in the Regular Season, Street Hoops could only finish 4th overall. He and Paragon both quit the game after Season 19 to try and focus on their Counter Strike careers, playing in ESEA teams under the Street Hoops name.


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