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United States Platinum
Platinum at ESEA Season 16 LAN.jpg
Platinum competing at ESEA Season 16 LAN with Classic Mixup
Player Information
Name Mike Miles
Nationality United States United States
Status Inactive (2009 - 2014)
Mains Pocket Soldier Pocket Soldier
Demoman Demoman
Career Winnings $5,000
Achievements[see all]
Team History
Virgin Police
MoB Gaming
2009 - 2010
Blight Gaming
2011 - 2014
Classic Mixup Icon.png
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Mike "Platinum" Miles was a competitive Team Fortress 2 player who mained Pocket Soldier and Demoman. He is most well remembered for his time spent on Classic Mixup, where his ability at both Pocket and Demoman led to him to be one of the most successful TF2 players in history winning a total of 4 ESEA-Invite titles and Insomnia46.


Early Career[edit]

Platinum started his ESEA career with Open Team wienerdogs finishing 6th overall. Brief stints with Cardboard Robotz and Virgin Police followed before he played his first full season of Invite with MoB-Gaming finishing 4th. He then had 2 seasons with Blight Gaming achieving 1st and 3rd place finishes in Season 6 and 7 respectively. After a brief spell with compLexity Gaming in Season 8 taking 3rd place overall, Platinum decided to form a new team to consistently challenge for 1st place in Invite.

Classic Mixup[edit]

Platinum formed new team Classic Mixup at the start of Season 9 finishing 3rd in the Regular Season 12-4, they eventually lost to eMazing Gaming in the LAN finals finishing 2nd overall. After switching to Demoman for the next Season he and Mixup improved on their Runners-Up spot from last season winning LAN finals against Quantic Legacy (made up of eMazing's previous lineup). Following the departure of Harbleu he went back to Pocket and Mixup finished the regular season 4th with 11-5, however they had better results at the LAN finals finishing 1st overall. After returing to Demoman once again for Season 12 Platinum and Mixup went undefeated in the Regular Season and winning ESEA LAN once again for his 3rd Invite title (and Mixup's 2nd). Following this, Mixup and rivals Leviathan Gaming were sent to Telford,England for the i46 LAN event thanks to a community fundraiser. Mixup and Platinum rolled the event, not dropping a single map on their way to meeting Leviathan in the Grand Final. Mixup won the final 2-1 taking home 1st place in what was arguably his and the team's most notable win. Following this two consecutive 2nd places would follow in ESEA both lost to new organisation High Rollers Gaming with Platinum switching between Pocket and Demo multiple times. Mixup bounced back to win Season 15 in dramatic style, winning two bo3's against iT in the Grand Final and taking home $6,360 (Mixup and Platinum's biggest win to date). However this would end up being Platinum's and Mixup's last ESEA-Invite title, taking 2nd again in S16 losing to the newly formed froyotech and finishing 3rd in Season 17 after being knocked out by eLevate. He and Mixup once again competed at an Insomnia LAN at i52 as the reigning World Champions. Despite some stellar performances he could only manage 3rd at the event losing to Epsilon eSports in a Golden-Cap finish on Granary in the Lower-Bracket Final. Platinum quit TF2 after ESEA Season 17.

Tournament history[edit]

Year Team CL Tournament Place Prize
Global LANs
2012 Classic Mixup Icon.png Classic Mixup Demoman Insomnia_Gaming_Festival i46 1st $700


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