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United States Bdonski
Bdonski at Rewind 2018.jpg
Bdonski at Rewind 2018 with Ascent
Player Information
Name Cyrus Dahm
Nationality United States United States
Status Inactive (2011 - 2018)
Main Demoman Demoman
Career Winnings $8,900
Achievements[see all]
Team History
2013 - 2014
lost in translation
2014 - 2015
Ascent Icon.png
2016 - 2017
EVL Gaming Icon.png
2017 - 2018
Ascent Icon.png
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Cyrus "Bdonski" Dahm was an American competitive Team Fortress 2 player who mained Demoman.

Bdonski is most well-known for his time on the teams lost in translation, Exertus eSports, eLevate, Ascent, RONIN and EVL Gaming, where he played Demoman and formed a long-lasting core with teammates such as alfa, Ma3la, rando, Decimate, Shrugger, and yomps. One of the most established teams in North America, debuting in ESEA-I Season 15, with Bdonski they claimed one infamous title in Season 20 and nine runner-up finishes. They also competed at i55 finishing fourth, Rewind 2017 finishing third and Rewind 2018 finishing second. Bdonski was the only member of the team to have competed in every season, playing Demoman until their disbanding following Season 27.

Although he made his ESEA-Invite debut playing Scout for Solace eSports, it was Bdonski's switch to Demoman where he would leave his legacy. His consistency with the class performing at the top of the North American scene was evident; Bdonski was especially one of the quickest at rollouts and one of the most effective sticky-trappers as Demoman.

Due to his wealth of achievements and six year spell at the top level of the competitive scene, Bdonski is widely regarded as one of the greatest Demomen to have ever played.

Tournament history[edit]

Year Team CL Tournament Place Prize
Global LANs
2016 Ascent Icon.png Ascent Demoman Insomnia_Gaming_Festival Insomnia55 4th $200
2017 EVL Gaming Icon.png EVL Gaming Esports Arena Rewind 2017 3rd $300
2018 Ascent Icon.png Ascent Esports Arena Rewind 2018 2nd $700

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