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United States shade
shade competing at i55 with froyotech.
Player Information
Name Dante F.
Nationality United States United States
Status Inactive (2011 - 2018)
Main Medic Medic
Career Winnings $15,000
Achievements[see all]
Second Place 2nd
Leviathan Gaming Icon.png
Third Place 3rd
HRG Icon.png
First Place 1st
Froyotech Icon.png
First Place 1st
Froyotech Icon.png
Team History
2014 - 2015
Froyotech Icon.png
2017 - 2018
Froyotech Icon.png
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Dante "shade" F. was an American competitive Team Fortress 2 player who mained Medic.

Shade has been widely regarded as one of the best medics in the history of Team Fortress 2, and has been mostly playing with b4nny for all of his TF2 career. Shade's most notable performances as Medic were for teams such as High Rollers Gaming and froyotech, which hardly ever lost a season of ESEA-I. His ability to 'milk' ubers and shoot crossbows with stunning accuracy and consistency vastly changed his team's overall performance.

Team History[edit]


Shade's known TF2 career started on an ancient team that competed in ESEA-O The Beyblayders. Shade played Roaming Soldier for the team and brought great success to their first season of ESEA-O. The team ended the regular season (12-4-0), and placed 2nd in playoffs. The team outplayed other names such as xensity, Vector Gaming, and High Rollers Gaming (not to be confused with the ESEA-I and i49 competitors of the same name).

Don't Trip; The “tyrone” Teams[edit]

Shade took a short break from competing in ESEA, and was later picked up as Medic by upcoming ESEA-I (Invite) team Don’t Trip, or most commonly known as Leviathan Gaming. Shade played the first match for Don’t Trip in the second week, and scored 4-0 against Mighty Ducks, a team consisting of both invite legends seanbud and Decimate. By the end of the season, Don’t Trip placed first in ESEA-I (Invite) playoffs, and finished the regular season (12-4-0). The team’s tight cohesion in the combo of b4nny, tyrone, and shade, became a key factor in their success, and one of the most powerful combos of their time. In Insomnia46, both Classic Mixup and Leviathan Gaming asserted their dominance against the European teams. The team took on many different sponsorships, such as Quantic Gaming, Leviathan Gaming, and iT. The team also went through numerous flank classes, from blaze on Scout to Dave_AC on Soldier.

High Rollers Gaming; The “b4nny” Teams[edit]

After ESEA Season 12, b4nny, shade, and cyzer left the team, forming bp, signed by their sponsor, High Rollers Gaming. They cherry-picked the best talent they could find, picking up Tagg from The Chess Club and Shrugger from Pinball Wizards, as well as lansky from GOIN HEAVY. The team went 16-0 in the regular season before being noticed by High Rollers Gaming and getting sponsored by them for LAN. The team was completely dominant, except in i49. The team lost against the only European teams, broder and Epsilon E-Sports. Shortly after iT took up sponsorship for this team, Shade was unable to commit to a team and left. After various roster changes, iT went undefeated in the regular season, however they took second in one of the closest ESEA finals against Classic Mixup.


With the return of shade in ESEA-I Season 16, along with b4nny, the two created a new team under the name of froyotech. The two picked up clockwork and Ruwin on Scout, blaze on Soldier, and dummy on Demoman. Before the season started, Ruwin was cut, b4nny was put on Scout, and the former pocket of High Rollers Gaming, lansky, became the last addition to the new team. The players asserted their dominance throughout ESEA-I Seasons 16 to 19, winning every final they faced. Besides winning ESEA-I titles, shade also went with the team to Insomnia55, claiming first place. In ESEA-I Season 20 playoffs, the team experienced issues between each other and were eliminated after losing a best of three against Ascent and Team Solo Uber. Shortly after this, the team decided to part ways and disband. After the disbandment, b4nny would remain along with the rest of Strawberry Mangoes, and shade would play with the one season team FROYO BLACK. Shade would separate from the froyotech name until ESEA-I Season 23, although ringing for the team on various occasions. Such as during ESEA-I Season 21 in a match against Street Hoops eSports, when shade replaced b4nny temporarily on Soldier. When shade did return, it was short-lived. Although the team did finish 1st in the season and win the ESEA-I final against EVL Gaming, shade showed much interest in the game Paladins. His interest in the game fully came alive when he decided to leave froyotech once again, leaving Nursey to take his place. After leaving the team, shade would still pug, but as of early 2017, he does not seem to have the desire to find another team. Although, his absence on froyotech's lineup had been described as only a break, by the team's leader: b4nny.


In hope of taking first place, shade formed a team full of high experience, FROYO BLACK. The team was based off the core of froyotech and High Rollers Gaming, bringing in clockwork, taggerung, and cyzer. Although rumors had hinted on the possibility of a pickup of lansky and duwatna, the team decided to pick up bl4nk and Hassassin, two high level invite players to complete their roster. The team competed in ESEA-I Season 22, where the group would finish 3rd. Shade would then leave the team to rejoin froyotech, replacing phorofor.

Tournament History[edit]

Year Team CL Tournament Place Prize
Global LANs
2013 Leviathan Gaming Icon.png Leviathan Gaming Medic Insomnia_Gaming_Festival i46 2nd $300
2014 HRG Icon.png High Rollers Gaming Insomnia_Gaming_Festival i49 3rd $200
2014 Froyotech Icon.png froyotech Insomnia_Gaming_Festival i52 1st $700
2015 Insomnia_Gaming_Festival i55 1st $1,200
2018 Rewind 2018 1st $1,300


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  • Shade streams TF2 along with other team-based shooters frequently. Check out his stream at
  • Shade has achieved first place in every ESEA-I (Invite) Lan he has participated in since ESEA-I Season 13.
  • Shade is one of the few competitive players who still use the default hud, including its renounced red damage markers
  • Street Hoops eSports' star Scout, alec, describes shade's Soldier play as "crisp", and comparable to b4nny's.