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Canada habib
Habib at Rewind 2018.jpg
habib competing at Rewind 2018 with froyotech
Player Information
Name حسن سید
Hasan Sayed
Nationality Canada Canada
Status Active (since 2014)
Team Froyotech Icon.png froyotech
Class Demoman Demoman
Career Winnings $9,700
Other Aliases hassassin
Achievements[see all]
First Place 1st
Froyotech Icon.png
First Place 1st
Froyotech Icon.png
Team History
2016 -
Froyotech Icon.png
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Hasan "habib" Sayed is a Canadian competitive Team Fortress 2 player who currently plays Demoman for froyotech.

A Demoman main since beginning his competitive career in 2016 with EVL Gaming, habib is best known for his world class overall Demoman play. His skill with the class led him to join FROYO BLACK, and then later froyotech for ESEA-I Season 23. Playing Demoman for froyotech, he would go on to win nine straight ESEA titles, one RGL Traditional Sixes title and four global LAN events: Rewind 2017, SweLAN, Rewind 2018 and i63.

His stellar achievements have caused many in the community to consider him as one of the greatest Demoman players of all time.

Tournament history[edit]

Year Team CL Tournament Place Prize
Global LANs
2017 Froyotech Icon.png froyotech Demoman Esports Arena Rewind 2017 1st $700
Esports United SweLAN 1st $300
2018 Esports Arena Rewind 2018 1st $1,300
Insomnia_Gaming_Festival i63 1st $400


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