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United States TLR
TLR at i58.jpg
TLR at i58
Player Information
Name Tyler Morgan
Nationality United States United States
Status Inactive
(2009 - 2014, 2016)
Main Pocket Soldier Pocket Soldier
Career Winnings $5,400
Achievements[see all]
First Place 1st
Classic Mixup Icon.png
Third Place 3rd
Froyotech Icon.png
Team History
2009 - 2010
2010 - 2011
2011 - 2014
Classic Mixup Icon.png
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Tyler "TLR" Morgan was an American competitive Team Fortress 2 player. He was one of the core members of Classic Mixup, playing as the team's pocket soldier for six ESEA seasons in which he won three ESEA LANs as well as Insomnia46. In 2016, TLR was brought out of a five season retirement to replace -blaze and play Pocket Soldier for froyotech in i58, where he achieved a third place finish.[1] TLR is well known for his tanky, shotgun-pocket playstyle; often taking a lot of heals in order to deal high amounts of damage.

Tournament history[edit]

Year Team CL Tournament Place Prize
Global LANs
2012 Classic Mixup Icon.png Classic Mixup Pocket Soldier Insomnia_Gaming_Festival i46 1st $700
2016 Froyotech Icon.png froyotech Insomnia_Gaming_Festival i58 3rd $300


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