ETF2L 6v6 Season 10

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[e][h]ETF2L 6v6 Season 10
League Information
Game Mode:
Europe Europe
Single Round Robin Groups,
Single Elimination (Bo3)
Start Date:
Homepage Brackets
First Place Epsilon eSports
Second Place Team Infused
Third Place Crack Clan Icon.png

After the hiatus of the previous season, the admins have entered into an agreement with the Premiership division teams that development of the meta game should not be achieved by introducing a high number of unlocks into the game, and as such, Season 10 was the first of the most common series of seasons that have gone back to the roots, banning all the unlocks except for some medic items everyone was already accustomed with. A major change was applied to the table structure, reducing the number of teams in each division to eight. This resulted in shorter seasons, which made it easier to fit 3 seasons into every year. Most teams that participated in Season 9's boycott came back to ETF2L for the anniversary season. Because of the new division structure and the returning teams, Division 1 was split into two sub-divisions. The play week structure was changed as well. While the play weeks were previously running from Monday to Sunday, since Season 10 they last from Sunday to Saturday, with the week's default date being set the Friday before the week starts. This was done to address the lazy scheduling attitude of some teams (previously, default dates were set later into the week, leading to many delayed matches).

It was also the first season to welcome cp_obscure_remake and cp_snakewater, another of the most popular maps in the league to this day, into the map pool. The maps were voted directly by the ETF2L users in a poll.

A few weeks into the competition, a timer bug was ‘discovered’ on cp_gravelpit, making it impossible to proceed with the round if capping of a point would finish after the timelimit. Due to the community urging the admins to take a decisive action, all matches that would otherwise be played on the map, could be, with an approval from both teams, be played on another map from the pool, excluding the other map played during that match. It was also the first sign of cp_gravelpit being rejected from the league in upcoming seasons.

Season’s playoffs also provided everybody with some clutch moments and nail-biting performances from all the teams, especially Epsilon eSports who managed to score an all-kill, coming up from the third place in the tables to take the championship and proceed to dominate the Premiership in the upcoming seasons.



  • Signups open: August 27 , 2011
  • Signups close: September 12 , 2011
  • Schedule Week: September 18 - September 24, 2011
  • Main Season: September 25 - November 12, 2011 (7 weeks)
  • Catch-up Week: November 13 - November 19, 2011
  • Playoffs: November 20 - December 12, 2011


  • 1st Place: 6x SteelSeries Sensei
  • 2nd Place: 6x SteelSeries Siberia v2 Green
  • 3rd Place: 6x SteelSeries 9HD
  • Division 1 Winner: 6x SteelSeries 4HD

The hardware prizes were provided by the main sponsor SteelSeries.


The maps were voted directly by the ETF2L users. 1,475 users took part in the Season 10 map vote with a total of 8,479 given votes. Each user could choose up to 6 maps.

The following maps were available in the map poll to choose from:

Map Votes %
cp_badlands 1,382 93.69
cp_gullywash 1,324 89.76
cp_granary 1,319 89.42
cp_gravelpit 972 65.9
cp_obscure_remake 882 59.8
cp_snakewater 867 58.78
ctf_turbine_pro 742 50.31
koth_viaduct 525 35.59
Bazillion 466 31.59

Unlockable Weapons[edit]

Scout Scout
Scattergun-G.png Scattergun Allowed
BFB-G.png Baby Face's Blaster Banned
BackScatter.png Back Scatter Banned
FoN-G.png Force-A-Nature Banned
Shortstop-G.png Shortstop Banned
SodaPopper-G.png Soda Popper Banned
Pistol-G.png Pistol Allowed
Bonk.png Bonk! Atomic Punch Banned
Crit-a-Cola.png Crit-A-Cola Banned
FG.png Flying Guillotine Banned
MadMilk.png Mad Milk Banned
PBPP.png Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Banned
Winger.png Winger Banned
100Bat.png Bat Allowed
100Arm.png Atomizer Banned
100BB.png Boston Basher Banned
Iconcandy.png Candy Cane Banned
100FoW.png Fan O'War Banned
100Sandman.png Sandman Banned
100Sun.png Sun-on-a-Stick Banned
100Wran assassin.png Wrap Assassin Banned
Soldier Soldier
128px-Rocket Launcher.png Rocket Launcher Allowed
Air Strike2.png Air Strike Banned
128px-Beggars Bazooka.png Beggar's Bazooka Banned
128px-Black Box.png Black Box Banned
128px-Cow Mangler.png Cow Mangler 5000 Banned
128px-Direct Hit.png Direct Hit Banned
128px-Liberty Launcher.png Liberty Launcher Banned
128px-Original.png Original Banned
128px-Rocket Jumper.png Rocket Jumper Banned
128px-Shotgun.png Shotgun Allowed
B.A.S.E. Jumper.png B.A.S.E. Jumper Banned
128px-Battalions Backup.png Battalion's Backup Banned
128px-Buff Banner.png Buff Banner Banned
Concheror2.png Concheror Banned
128px-Gunboats.png Gunboats Banned
Mantreads.png Mantreads Banned
128Panic Attack.png Panic Attack Banned
128px-Reserve Shooter.png Reserve Shooter Banned
128px-Righteous Bison.png Righteous Bison Banned
128px-Shovel.png Shovel Allowed
128px-Disciplinary Action.png Disciplinary Action Banned
128px-Equalizer.png Equalizer Banned
128px-Escape Plan.png Escape Plan Banned
128px-Half Zatoichi.png Half-Zatoichi Banned
128px-Market Gardener.png Market Gardener Banned
128px-Pain Train.png Pain Train Banned
Pyro Pyro
Flamethrower.png Flame Thrower Allowed
Backburner2.png Backburner Banned
Degreaser.png Degreaser Banned
Dragon's Fury.png Dragon's Fury Banned
Phlogistinator.png Phlogistinator Banned
128px-Shotgun.png Shotgun Allowed
Detonator.png Detonator Banned
Flaregun.png Flare Gun Banned
Gas Passer.png Gas Passer Banned
Manmelter.png Manmelter Banned
128Panic Attack.png Panic Attack Banned
128px-Reserve Shooter.png Reserve Shooter Banned
Scorchshot.png Scorch Shot Banned
Thermal Thruster.png Thermal Thruster Banned
100px-Fire Axe.png Fire Axe Allowed
100px-Axtinguisher.png Axtinguisher Banned
100px-Back Scratcher.png Back Scratcher Banned
100px-Homewrecker.png Homewrecker Banned
Hot Hand.png Hot Hand Banned
100px-Neon Annihilator.png Neon Annihilator Banned
100px-Powerjack.png Powerjack Banned
100px-Volcano Fragment.png Sharpened Volcano Fragment Banned
100px-Third Degree.png Third Degree Banned
Heavy Heavy
128px-Minigun.png Minigun Allowed
128px-Brass Beast.png Brass Beast Banned
128px-Heatmaker.png Huo-Long Heater Banned
128px-Natascha.png Natascha Banned
128px-Tomislav.png Tomislav Banned
128px-Shotgun.png Shotgun Allowed
128px-Buffalo Steak.png Buffalo Steak Sandvich Banned
128px-Dalokohs Bar.png Dalokohs Bar Banned
128px-Family Business.png Family Business Banned
128Panic Attack.png Panic Attack Banned
128px-Sandvich.png Sandvich Banned
Second Banana.png Second Banana Banned
128px-Fists.png Fists Allowed
128px-Eviction Notice.png Eviction Notice Banned
128px-Fists of Steel.png Fists of Steel Banned
128px-Running Gloves.png Gloves of Running Urgently Banned
128px-Holiday Punch.png Holiday Punch Banned
128px-Boxing Gloves.png Killing Gloves of Boxing Banned
128px-Warriors Spirit.png Warrior's Spirit Banned
Engineer Engineer
100Shotgun.png Shotgun Allowed
100Frontier Justice.png Frontier Justice Banned
100Panic Attack.png Panic Attack Banned
100Pomson.png Pomson 6000 Banned
100Rescue Ranger.png Rescue Ranger Banned
100Widowmaker.png Widowmaker Banned
100Pistol.png Pistol Allowed
100Short Circuit.png Short Circuit Banned
100Wrangler.png Wrangler Banned
100Wrench.png Wrench Allowed
100Eureka Effect.png Eureka Effect Banned
100Gunslinger.png Gunslinger Banned
100Jag.png Jag Banned
100SH.png Southern Hospitality Banned
Medic Medic
128px-Syringe Gun.png Syringe Gun Allowed
128px-Blutsauger.png Blutsauger Allowed
128px-Crusaders Crossbow.png Crusader's Crossbow Allowed
128px-Overdose.png Overdose Banned
128px-Medigun.png Medigun Allowed
128px-Kritzkrieg.png Kritzkrieg Allowed
128px-Quick-Fix.png Quick-Fix Banned
128px-Vaccinator.png Vaccinator Banned
128px-Bonesaw.png Bonesaw Allowed
128px-Amputator.png Amputator Banned
128px-Solemn Vow.png Solemn Vow Banned
128px-Ubersaw.png Übersaw Allowed
128px-Vita-Saw.png Vita-Saw Banned
Sniper Sniper
100Sniper.png Sniper Rifle Allowed
100Bazaar Bargain.png Bazaar Bargain Banned
100Classic.png Classic Banned
100Hitmans Heatmaker.png Hitman's Heatmaker Banned
100Huntsman.png Huntsman Banned
100Machina.png Machina Banned
100Sydney Sleeper.png Sydney Sleeper Banned
100SMG.png SMG Allowed
100Cleaners Carbine.png Cleaner's Carbine Banned
100Cozy Camper.png Cozy Camper Banned
100DDS.png Darwin's Danger Shield Banned
100Jarate.png Jarate Banned
100Razorback.png Razorback Banned
100Kukri.png Kukri Allowed
100Bushwacka.png Bushwacka Banned
100Shahanshah.png Shahanshah Banned
100Shiv.png Tribalman's Shiv Banned
Spy Spy
Revolver-G.png Revolver Allowed
Ambassador-G.png Ambassador Banned
DiamondBack.png Diamondback Banned
Enforcer-G.png Enforcer Banned
L'Etranger-G.png L'Etranger Banned
Sapper.png Sapper Allowed
Redtape.png Red-Tape Recorder Banned
Knife.png Knife Allowed
Big Earner.png Big Earner Banned
Kunai.png Conniver's Kunai Banned
Spycicle.png Spy-cicle Banned
YER.png Your Eternal Reward Banned
Secondary PDA
Invis.png Invis Watch Allowed
CandD.png Cloak and Dagger Banned
DR.png Dead Ringer Banned


Premiership Division[edit]


Scout  Finland zappis 
Scout  Finland Santtu
Roamer  Finland M0re
Pocket  Finland Honky
Demoman  Finland TucE
Medic  Finland paavi

Scout  Finland cookye 
Scout  Spain longas
Roamer  Finland haza
Pocket  Finland hocz
Demoman  Finland hymzi
Medic  Finland dajackal

Epsilon eSports
Scout  Germany shocky 
Scout  Sweden wltrs
Roamer  Germany GeaR
Pocket  France KnOxXx
Demoman  England randa
Medic  Denmark F2

Scout  Portugal Kiler4fun 
Scout  Portugal Marcu
Roamer  Portugal Coinz
Pocket  Portugal Kalho
Demoman  Portugal Reapy
Medic  Portugal VoLuM

Scout  England Greg 
Scout  Denmark quad
Roamer  Wales Mike
Pocket  England flisko
Demoman  England numlocked
Medic  England dunc

Scout  Finland Rebeli 
Scout  Sweden Bybben
Roamer  Finland Darn!
Pocket  Sweden Larsa
Demoman  Sweden ryb
Medic  Finland agron

1 TCM-Gaming played only one match with three of their roster before folding for the rest of the season.


Pos Team Pld W D L Pts
Gold icon.png Infused.Tt 12 9 2 1 30
Silver icon.png Crack Clan 12 9 0 3 27
Bronze icon.png Epsilon eSports 12 8 1 3 26
4 Relic 12 5 1 6 16
5 CKRAS 12 4 1 7 14
6 Team Dignitas 12 4 1 7 13
7 eQuilibrium 12 0 0 12 0
8 TCM-Gaming 0 0 0 0 -1


Round 1
Epsilon eSports
Round 2
Crack Clan
Epsilon eSports
Epsilon eSports

Round 1

Epsilon eSports 6 0 Relic
December 4, 2011
Cp badlands.png
Epsilon 5-1 Relic
Epsilon 4-3 Relic
Epsilon [TBD] Relic
Match page

Round 2

Epsilon eSports 6 0 Crack Clan
December 13, 2011
Cp badlands.png
Epsilon 4-1 cc//
Epsilon 6-1 cc//
Epsilon [TBD] cc//
Match page


Epsilon eSports 7 2 Infused.Tt
December 15, 2011
Cp badlands.png
Epsilon 3-4 (GC) infs
Cp snakewater.png
Epsilon 5-0 infs
Cp gullywash pro.png
Epsilon 3-2 infs
Epsilon eSports win ETF2L Season 10 title
Match page

Relegation playoffs[edit]

The playoff to decide who gets to proceed in the Division 1 promotion playoffs was forfeited by I don't Know?. Exotic-island got put through to play Team Dignitas for Season 11 Premiership relegation.

Team Dignitas 6 0 Exotic-Island
December 6, 2011
Granary.jpg 5-0 exotic
Cp snakewater.png 3-2 exotic
[[File:{{{map3}}}.png|140px]] [TBD] exotic
Team Dignitas keep their spot in the Premiership Division. Exotic-Island stays in Division 1.
Match page

broder 6 3 Team Yoyotech
December 6, 2011
Cp badlands.png
broder 6-1 yoyotech
Cp snakewater.png
broder 0-3 yoyotech
broder 6-3 yoyotech
broder gets direct promotion to the Premiership Division and wins the Division 1 prize. Team Yoyotech receives another chance for promotion against eQuilibrium.
Match page

eQuilibrium ends up forfeiting their relegation match against Team Yoyotech and are dropped to Division 1. Team Yoyotech receives promotion to the Premiership Division.

Other Divisions[edit]

  • Division 1A
    • Winners - broder
    • 2nd place - Exotic-island
  • Division 1B
    • Winners - Team Yoyotech
    • 2nd place - I Don't Know?