ETF2L Highlander Season 8

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ETF2L Highlander Season 8
Etf2l HL season8.png
Full name ETF2L Highlander Season 8 powered by Tt eSPORTS
Gold icon.png Champions Tourettes Chessclub
Silver icon.png Runner-up Highpander
Bronze icon.png Third place PremTech

Season 8 is the eigth season of ETF2L's Highlander competition, sponsored by Tt eSports. It is the first HL season to implement the new tier system which was also used in ETF2L's 20th 6v6 Season



Players in all divisions will receive a medal for winning their division or a Participation Medal for just competing.

Prizes were not announced when the sign ups were announced.


  • Signups close: March 8 – March 19, 2015
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: March 20, 2015
  • Publishing of Final Divisions: March 21, 2015
  • Schedule Week: March 16– March 19, 2015
  • Main Season: March 22 – May 7, 2015
  • High/Mid/Open Playoffs: May 10-21, 2015
  • Premiership Playoffs Round 1: May 17, 2015
  • Premiership Playoffs Grand Finals: May 24, 2015


Banned items[edit]




Europe Fair Enough
Finland tonmas Scouticon.png Scout
Switzerland HartzFartz Soldiericon.png Soldier
Poland Lex Pyroicon.png Pyro
Ukraine Death Demomanicon.png Demoman
Finland Qnai Heavyicon.png Heavy
Sweden it's Mint Engineericon.png Engineer
Netherlands skeej Medicicon.png Medic
Germany Blooddrunk Snipericon.png Sniper
Sweden Villdjack Spyicon.png Spy
Europe Highpander
Finland Kissakala Scouticon.png Scout
Finland zoob Soldiericon.png Soldier
Europe Stevepander Pyroicon.png Pyro
United Kingdom Hildreth Demomanicon.png Demoman
United States Polk Heavyicon.png Heavy
Sweden nijoonen Engineericon.png Engineer
Lithuania Sprayer Medicicon.png Medic
Poland phromelo Snipericon.png Sniper
United Kingdom Grenjabob Spyicon.png Spy
United Kingdom lods of emone
Finland Astt Scouticon.png Scout
United Kingdom stephen Soldiericon.png Soldier
United Kingdom yozer247 Pyroicon.png Pyro
United Kingdom yak Demomanicon.png Demoman
Netherlands Sandvich Heavyicon.png Heavy
United Kingdom Condawg Engineericon.png Engineer
Croatia Shep_Cro Medicicon.png Medic
Finland Burn Snipericon.png Sniper
United Kingdom JoeTea Spyicon.png Spy
United States PremTech
Latvia atomic- Scouticon.png Scout
Latvia uubers Soldiericon.png Soldier
Sweden Ascendary Pyroicon.png Pyro
Finland Maitominaty Demomanicon.png Demoman
United States Kresnik Heavyicon.png Heavy
France cobz Engineericon.png Engineer
United States Nursey Medicicon.png Medic
Belarus tracker Snipericon.png Sniper
Norway polar Spyicon.png Spy
France Stacked
France wltrs Scouticon.png Scout
France nico Scouticon.png Scout Sub
France DeGuN Soldiericon.png Soldier
Ireland b33p Pyroicon.png Pyro
France Exon. Demomanicon.png Demoman
France Hidan Demomanicon.png Demoman Sub
France SUZY Heavyicon.png Heavy
France Mista Engineericon.png Engineer
United Kingdom asadawarf Medicicon.png Medic
Belgium droso Snipericon.png Sniper
' Spyicon.png Spy
Denmark Tourettes Chessclub
Germany Lazybear Scouticon.png Scout
Sweden ondkaja Soldiericon.png Soldier
Denmark Scissors Pyroicon.png Pyro
Lithuania huhy Demomanicon.png Demoman
Germany blub Demomanicon.png Demoman Sub
United Kingdom BreakfasT_Jr Heavyicon.png Heavy
United Kingdom cherryrendezvous Engineericon.png Engineer
Finland roban Medicicon.png Medic
Sweden inso Snipericon.png Sniper
Sweden Khazul Spyicon.png Spy
Russia Unpoppable
Russia dodo Scouticon.png Scout
Russia ShaDowBurn Soldiericon.png Soldier
Russia fede4ka Soldiericon.png Soldier Sub
Russia Charizard Pyroicon.png Pyro
Russia maxxx.lfc Demomanicon.png Demoman
Russia catman Heavyicon.png Heavy
Russia radist Engineericon.png Engineer
Russia Xacher Engineericon.png Engineer Sub
Russia Eniere Medicicon.png Medic
Russia fuzky Snipericon.png Sniper
Russia Cherie Spyicon.png Spy
Russia WASP
Russia Forsak3n Scouticon.png Scout
Russia TroX Soldiericon.png Soldier
Russia Crow559 Pyroicon.png Pyro
Russia CbIHoK Demomanicon.png Demoman
Russia anti2 Heavyicon.png Heavy
Russia olBaa Engineericon.png Engineer
Ukraine Klefsas Medicicon.png Medic
Russia m0rg :G Snipericon.png Sniper
Russia Kostil Spyicon.png Spy


Pos Team Pld W D L Pen Pts
1 Europe Highpander 14 9 4 1 35
2 Denmark Tourettes Chessclub 14 9 4 1 33
3 United States PremTech 14 9 4 1 33
4 Europe Fair Enough 14 7 1 6 23
5 Russia WASP 14 3 6 5 19
6 France Stacked 14 3 5 6 14
7 Russia Unpoppable 14 3 2 9 11
8 United Kingdom lods of emone 14 0 0 14 0


  • First PlaceScout of the Season: Norway Lazybear
  • First PlaceSoldier of the Season: Russia ShaDowBurn
  • First PlacePyro of the Season: Europe Stevepander
  • First PlaceDemoman of the Season: Germany blub
  • First PlaceHeavy of the Season: United Kingdom BreakfasT_Jr
  • First PlaceEngineer of the Season: United Kingdom­ cherryrendezvous
  • First PlaceMedic of the Season: Lithuania Sprayer
  • First PlaceSniper of the Season: Polandphromelo
  • First PlaceSpy of the Season: United Kingdom Grenjabob
  • First PlaceBest Premiership Debut: Germany blub
  • First Place Best Player of the Season : Germany blub
  • First PlaceCaster of the Season: Spain CeeJaey

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