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Map Information
Also known as Prolane
Map type 5CP
Latest version cp_prolane
First released March 28, 2008
Last updated February 18, 2010
Developers Arttu "skdr" Mäki
Official map No
Download Download icon.png
Competitive Information
Format 6v6
In rotation None

Fastlane is a community-made 5CP map by SK. It was one of the first community-made maps to be made official by Valve, and due to its popularity at the time it was included in the inaugural seasons of UGC (6v6) and ESEA.

Map pool history[edit]

Fastlane map pool history
DL Map version Asia Europe North America Oceania
Download icon.png cp_prolane AsiaFortress Season 2 ozfortress OWL 4
ozfortress OWL 3
ozfortress OWL 2
cp_fastlane ETF2L Season 6 ESEA Season 2
ETF2L Season 5
ETF2L Season 4
ETF2L Season 3