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United States xalox
xalox at GXL LAN 2014.
Player Information
Nationality United States United States
Status Inactive (2012 - 2015)
Mains Demoman Demoman
Pocket Soldier Pocket Soldier
Career Winnings $1,000
Team History
2013 - 2014
The Five Dollar Game
Esports Earnings Page ESEA Player Page Logs.tf Page Twitch Stream YouTube Channel

"xalox" was an American competitive Team Fortress 2 player who is most known for his time on Demoman for teams like iT, Classic Mixup and Team SoloUber.


Early Career[edit]

Xalox's first team was The Five Dollar Club which he played with in Open for Season 11, taking 3rd place overall. He played with team through to IM in Season 13 (despite playing briefly for WOOOPS) where they achieved 2nd place.

ESEA Invite[edit]

Xalox competed in his first Season of Invite in Season 14 with Solace eSports achieving a mediocre 6th in the regular season. After this he join b4nny's team iT for the next Season achieving much better results in the regular season and debuting in his first ESEA LAN, finishing 2nd to rival team Classic Mixup. After a break in Open he then joined his former rival team Mixup for Season 17 as Demo, taking 3rd in the regular season to make his 2nd (and final) LAN event, he and mixup finished second to his former team, now playing under the froyotech banner. He would also finish 2nd to them in both CEVO LAN and the GXL Invitational. After Mixup disbanded after S17 he went back to former team The Five Dollar Club for 2 seasons before joining the rebranded Street Hoops eSports team for Season 20 (now playing as Team SoloUber). The team performed well in the regular season and qualified for playoffs where they stunned froyotech to knock them into third place and make xalox's 2nd ESEA-Invite Grand Final. The team eventually lost to Ascent taking 2nd place. Xalox quit TF2 after Season 20.


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