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United States skeez
Skeez at Rewind 2018.jpg
skeez competing at Rewind 2018 with SVIFT NA
Player Information
Name Matt K.
Nationality United States United States
Status Active (since 2016)
Team Ascent Icon.png Ascent
Class Medic Medic
Career Winnings $870
Achievements[see all]
Second Place 2nd
Ascent Icon.png
Team History
Circa eSports
Meat Market Icon.png
Meat Market
2019 - 2020
Ascent Icon.png
2020 - 2021
Froyotech Icon.png
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Matt "skeez" K. is an American competitive Team Fortress 2 player who currently plays Medic for froyotech.

skeez's debut season in ESEA-Invite was with Circa eSports in ESEA-I Season 23 after the team secured promotion through winning the Intermediate division the previous season. However, he would only play two seasons in Invite before taking a hiatus in seasonal play, eventually returning to join Ascent in Season 30. After a medic spot opened up on legendary team froyotech, skeez took the offer and joined the team where he remains today.

skeez has competed at both Rewind 2017 and Rewind 2018 but his first global LAN event placing came when he finished second at i65 with Ascent.

Tournament history[edit]

Year Team CL Tournament Place Prize
Global LANs
2017 Meat Market Icon.png Meat Market Medic Esports Arena Rewind 2017 5th - 6th $0
2018 SVIFT NA Icon.png SVIFT NA Esports Arena Rewind 2018 4th $200
2019 Ascent Icon.png Ascent Insomnia_Gaming_Festival i65 2nd $300


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