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To Do


  • intro narrative statements and history narrative statements
  • strategy section
  • categories + hidden categories + SMW
  • distinction between 6v6 and HL


  • Include reasonings where appropriate
  • template (infobox) guides

Things that would need to be constantly updated

trigger: new season

  • infobox
  • inclusion table
  • 6v6 maps navbox
  • map pool history if tournament pages aren't kept updated


  • Default sentence
  • Additional sentences adding normal information if needed
  • Narrative statements, potentially avoiding need for history/other sections

narrative statements:

  • common feedback on the maps, particularly if it fell out of rotation
  • popularity within a region if it is/was exclusive to a region (e.g. Metalworks NA, logjam EU/AU)
  • when it became an official map
    • including update
  • look at tf2 wiki narrative statements

"Product is not a truly symmetrical map"

Gullywash is a 5CP map created by Arnold.


guide info:

  • how to find download links (serveme #1, don't do stupid links), search for mapname.bsp and .bsp.bz2


  • developmental history
  • competitive history
    • debut
    • popularity since debut
    • unpopularity periods
  • versions



Brief description of the rollout without being a tutorial, where the rollout leads, what should usually happen at the very start of a mid


seems to be very prevalent on many map wikis so maybe? [1] [2] no strategy section. there is no such thing as a definitive strategy for like 80% of situations. it is such a fluid topic and can't be written succinctly to the point of being useful.

anything definitive about strategy or map characteristics/unique elements should be added. "Gullywash has only 2 entracnces to mid instead of the traditional 3". "Process mid is very dependent on height on crates". Strategy section is the only thing missing from a complete resource for a map page

as many pictures to the right as possible for this section

Map information


  • notable stats compared to other maps/the standard

Guide info:

  • how to calculate capture times using harmonic number
  • how to find respawn wave time using that mp command idk i forgot
  • find health + ammo packs from either tf2 wiki (unreliable at times) or running around the map
n=1 24 12 1
2 16 8 0.67
3 13.09 6.55 0.55
4 11.52 5.76 0.48
5 10.51 5.26 0.44
6 9.8 4.9 0.41
7 9.26 4.63 0.39
8 8.83 4.42 0.37
9 8.48 4.24 0.35
10 8.19 4.1 0.34
11 7.95 3.97 0.33


Take pictures of anything missing from other sections


map callouts origins

External links


  • Video needs more than 1000 views (or maybe 500?)
  • Video needs to represent competitive TF2 well
  • shorten video title for the table (within reason)
  • youtube:
    • _map_ review
    • _map_ rollout
    • _map_
    • _map_ demo review
    • _map_ pov
      • needs comms cause there's always a fuckton
    • _map_ competitive tf2
    • cp__map_ XXXX
    • _map_ flythrough/showcase
  • put prem/invite in tournament area to distinguish between low level demo reviews and high level demo reviews
    • once season structure project is done