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[e][h]Demomanicon.png quintosh
Player Information
Years Active:
2012 - 2016
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First Place ETF2L Highlander Season 7 DeutschLAN 2015
Prize Money
2012 - 2014


quintosh was a German Highlander multi-class player that most recently played Demoman for Tourettes Chessclub.


quintosh started his first ever Highlander season in UGC Highlander Season 8 as a Demoman for One Round Wonders after being picked up from TF2Lobby. Finishing the season with 4th place, One Round Wonders went on to play Silver in Season 9, managing to take 2nd place. quintosh first got into contact with Tourettes Chessclub after One Round Wonders folded midway through Summer Season 10, trying out as a main Demoman in Platinum. He decided to create Team Nein as Engineer, an all German team for ETF2L Highlander Season 5 and UGC Highlander Season 12 which scored first place in Division 3 and second place in Silver. Going on to the next season, Team Nein were surprisingly seeded into Division 1, finishing with third place and UGC Platinum with seventh place.

Just before the playoffs in Season 6 started, quintosh was asked to play Demoman for Tourettes Chessclub in ETF2L-Prem, from which Kaylus got kicked after going AFK in the UGC Grand Finals. Due to roster locks and other team internal issues, Tourettes Chessclub were nicknamed Merc Chessclub, using quintosh,BreakfasT_Jr and Snow as mercs throughout the playoffs and winning third place. Since Season 7 he's been officially playing with chess, winning the Season in Premiership and the Engineer-of-the-season-award after switching off to Engineer and giving huhy the main spot in the Grand Final.

Before Season 8, quintosh was controversially banned after having leaked confidential information gained from Anti-Cheat work. After that he's once again mained Demoman for the LAN-team checkers, winning first place in the first ever Highlander LAN tournament.


quintosh started out playing competitive in ETF2L 6v6 Season 13 after being picked up for Vier-Green as Medic. Since then he's only ever won Season 18 in Division 4 as Scout for addict! eSports and Season 19 Division 3 as Roamer for prtyboiz. After that he's taken a break from playing starter on a 6v6-roster to focus on Highlander.