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Featured article – theGXL Invitational
GXL Universe.jpg

theGXL Invitational was the largest North American TF2 LAN tournament to date. It took place on October 11th, 2014 at the GXL Universe 2014 LAN held in Oaks, Pennsylvania. This event included twenty teams, including the top four teams from CEVO-P Season 5 and sixteen other community teams, including TEZC, a European team.



eXtv and GXL contributed a base prize pool of $2,000, and each team participating contributed $60 to the prize pool, bringing it up to a cash prize pot of $3,200 in total. In addition, Corsair Gaming sponsored the tournament and provided a wide variety of hardware prizes. While the vast majority of prizes were allocated to the top 4 finishers, each player participating was guaranteed some type of prize from the tournament.


The following four teams were the top four teams in CEVO-P Season 5 and were automatically seeded into the elimination bracket based on their performance at the LAN from the day before:

The other sixteen teams competed in a round-robin group stage of four groups, of which the top three teams advanced to the elimination bracket.

Each match in the entire tournament (except for the grand finals) was conducted as a single-map series and played with the ETF2L ruleset, with the map decided based on a pick-ban stage in which the final map remaining was played after each team eliminated three maps from the following map pool:

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