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Class Information
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Scout Soldier Pyro Demoman Heavy Engineer Medic Sniper Spy
[edit] This Week's League Maps
4v4 6v6 Highlander
UGC-Icon2.png UGC UGC-Icon2.png UGC ETF2L-Icon2.png ETF2L EseaLogo.png ESEA Ozfortress Icon.png ozfortress AsiaFortress-Icon.png AsiaFortress UGC-Icon2.png UGC ETF2L-Icon2.png ETF2L
Offseason.png Offseason.png Snakewater, Process.png Offseason.png Offseason.png Offseason.png Offseason.png Offseason.png
Offseason Offseason Snakewater, Process Offseason Offseason Offseason Offseason Offseason
Week 2
[edit] Featured article: ESEA Season 22 Offseason Roster Changes
ESEA Season 22 Banner.jpg

ESEA Season 21 may have finished, but the Invite division is currently experiencing one of its biggest roster changing off-seasons to date, with teams emerging and players being recruited faster than a yomps backcap on Gullywash.

Can't keep up? has you covered with our hot-of-the-plate ESEA Season 22 Offseason Article, detailing all the team transfers and lineup switchups for the entire offseason. From the adjustments to the -bird noises- roster to the complete revamp of EVL Gaming, the dubious yet undeniably-legendary team of FROYO BLACK to their eponymous counterparts froyotech and their reunition with -blaze; everything there is to know about the concurrent Season 22 Offseason is featured in our newly-formatted article!

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[edit] TF2 Events
Generic Logo.png 2v2 Tournament
26 Jun

24 Jul
DreamHack DreamHack Summer 2016
18 Jun

19 Jun
UGC 4v4 Season 8
3 Jun

26 Aug
UGC 6v6 Season 21
1 Jun

UGC Highlander Season 19
30 May

25 Aug
ESEA 6v6 Season 22
29 May

30 Aug
ETF2L 6v6 Season 24
15 May

17 Jul
ETF2L Highlander Season 10
20 Mar

24 May
DreamHack Summer 2016 Qualifiers #4
21 May

22 May
ozfortress 6v6 Season 15
20 Mar

22 May
DreamHack Summer 2016 Qualifiers #3
7 May

8 May
DreamHack Austin 2016

6 May Season 1
31 Jan

24 Apr
DreamHack Summer 2016 Qualifiers #2
23 Apr

24 Apr
Competitive Formats
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6v6 Highlander Other Formats