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Class Information
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Scout Soldier Pyro Demoman Heavy Engineer Medic Sniper Spy
This Week's Match Maps
Ozfortress (6v6) ETF2L (HL) ETF2L (6v6) ESEA (6v6) UGC (HL) UGC (6v6)
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Offseason Offseason Badlands Snakewater Gullywash Process Process
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[edit] Featured article – Challengers Cup
TFTV - Challengers Cup.jpg

European teams get their chance to try their luck at fighting one of the EU's current top four teams in the Challengers Cup, hosted by and sponsored by Razer! The top 4 teams of the open applicants will qualify to fight in at least one Bo3 series of maps against a Premiership tier team. Stealing a whole match from one of these teams would guarantee the winners $100.
Whoever does steal first place will receive the larger share of $900 and second best will score $400

The top teams from the EU are Epsilon icon.png Epsilon eSports, Full Tilt Full Tilt, Reason Gaming-icon.png Reason Gaming and The Last Resort Icon.png The Last Resort.

Are you American and jealous? Good news, there is an NA equivalent tournament and you can sign up: here. Spaces are limited, so sign up quick!

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[edit] TF2 events
GXL Universe.jpg GXL LAN 2015
16 Oct

18 Oct The Fall Classic
4 Oct

11 Oct
UGC UGC 4v4 Season 6
2 Oct

20 Nov
ESEA ESEA 6v6 Season 20
6 Sep

Tf2connexionlogo.png TF2Connexion Season 16
1 Oct

ETF2L ETF2L 6v6 Season 22
25 Sep

22 Nov
LBTF2-Icon.png LBTF2 Highlander Season 3
28 Aug

20 Nov
UGC UGC 6v6 Season 19
30 Sep

18 Nov
UGC UGC Highlander Season 17
28 Sep

16 Nov Challengers Cup
24 Sep

4 Oct
Tip of the Hats icon.png Tip of the Hats
19 Sep

20 Sep
RazerArena Logo.png Razer Arena Frag Fest
29 Jul

20 Sep
ETF2L ETF2L HL Nations Cup 4
26 Jul

20 Sep
DeutschLAN Icon.png DeutschLAN 2015
11 Sep

13 Sep
Ozfortress icon.png ozfortress OWL Season 14
12 Jul

11 Sep
EVL Battle Royale Logo.png EVL Battle Royale
22 Aug

6 Sep
Competitive Formats
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6v6 Highlander Other Formats