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Featured article – Insomnia55
I55 cover.png

Insomnia55, or i55, is part of the Insomnia Gaming LAN series hosted by Multiplay and is considered one of the biggest events for competitive TF2. The event will be held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, England. The event will commence on the 28th August, 2015 2015 and will conclude on 31st August, 2015. This LAN event will place Europe's and America's finest teams head-to-head with part of the travel costs for some teams covered by the community donations.

Attending Teams

North American Teams

Ascent-icon.png - Ascent
Froyotech icon.png - Froyotech

European Teams

Danger Dogs Icon.png - Danger Dogs
Nerdrage Icon.png - nerdRage.tf2
Reason Gaming-icon.png - Reason Gaming
The Last Resort Icon.png - The Last Resort

Teams and the event can be supported at

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