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An example SFM of the most common team composition in 4v4

4v4 is a newer gametype in competitive TF2. It can be argued to be a preferable gamemode by those who play it, due to what is claimed to be a more relaxing gameplay and forgiving rules. UGC is the only league that currently runs this competitive gamemode.


4v4 is usually played with two teams of four.
A common set up for a team is:

Although teams may experiment various lineup combinations as each combination provides various advantages and disadvantages against opponents and also different game plays.

Other common combinations are:

4v4's rules are similar to that of 6v6, the only differences being the disallowance of a Heavy-Medic combo and allowance of multiple offclassing.

Commonly Played Maps[edit]

Based on UGC 4v4 Season 1-6

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