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Official Release
First Released:
9 October 2007
Last Updated:
14 February 2008
Official Map:
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Total Inclusions:
10 inclusions (19th)
3 inclusions (15th)
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cp_dustbowl is a Valve-made map, the first multi-stage Attack/Defend map, and one of the six original maps to release with the game in 2007. It is based upon the map Dustbowl from Team Fortress Classic.

Dustbowl is a rocket launch facility set in a cluster of sheds and abandoned mines in the middle of the desert, with BLU attacking from underground, and RED defending the facility. BLU players must stand upon control points for a set period of time to capture areas, while RED must prevent this by killing or repelling the BLU attackers until time runs out. The map is broken into three stages, with two control points to capture on each stage, for a total of six.

Due to its initial popularity, it was played in various leagues during in the early stages of TF2 competitive. It has since fallen out of favor due to the lack of flank routes, easy spawncamping, and narrow connecting hallways, which prevent skilled play and balanced matches.

Usage in competitive[edit]

Seasonal Inclusions by League
[view] Map version 4v4 6v6 Highlander
UGC-Icon2.png UGC UGC-Icon2.png UGC ETF2L-Icon2.png ETF2L EseaLogo.png ESEA Ozfortress Icon.png ozfortress AsiaFortress-Icon.png AsiaFortress UGC-Icon2.png UGC ETF2L-Icon2.png ETF2L
Download Link cp_pro_dustbowl Season Season 3 Season 3 Season 3 Season 3 Season 4 Season
Season Season 2 Season 2 Season 1 Season 3 Season
Season Season 1 Season
Download Link cp_dustbowl Season Season 2 Season 2 Season
Season Season 1 Season
Total inclusions out of 15 2 out of 28 2 out of 31 1 out of 28 3 out of 23 2 out of 14 3 out of 26 out of 17
Official map
Pro version