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Recharge Gaming League
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RGL (Recharge Gaming League) is a North American League, supporting 7v7, Highlander and 6v6. It's currently the only Prolander league in existence.


A number of figures in the highlander community were playing with the idea of having a class limit of 1 in 6v6 to force the usage of situational classes in competitive. This eventually led to the Challenge Cup in late 2016, a cup with $2,000 USD in prizes which was meant to be 6v6 but was changed to 7v7 in the last minute. Sigafoo would later create RGL a league specifically aimed at 7v7. It had a prize pool of $4,000 USD in its opening season which attracted many high level ESEA Invite players to the league.


In pick and ban Prolander, each team bans 3 weapons and picks 3 weapons that can't be banned. The bans affect both teams.

Game mode settings[edit]

5 Control Point King of the Hill Golden Cap
Time Limit 30 minutes
Win Limit 4 rounds 2 rounds 1 rounds

Class limits[edit]

  • At any one time amongst six players, class limits of:
    • Scouticon.png 1, Soldiericon.png 1, Pyroicon.png 1
    • Demomanicon.png 1, Heavyicon.png 1, Engineericon.png 1
    • Medicicon.png 1, Snipericon.png 1, Spyicon.png 1


RGL traditionally runs three seasons a year in both the 7v7 and Highlander formats. Each season generally starts in the Summer, Spring, and Winter. They also run a traditional sixes and a no restriction sixes season each year, in the winter and spring respectively. Teams are placed into skill divisions based on the combined experience on the roster. During the regular season, teams will play against opponents with a similar rank win/loss streak. For the playoffs, the Top 4, Top 6 or Top 8 teams in a division are placed into a title bracket. All divisions play in a single-elimination bracket, with Highlander using a Gauntlet System for its Invite Division. All playoff matches are played in a Best of 3 format.

Regular season matches are played on single maps, in 2 halves. Depending on the game type, the win conditions differ:

  • On King of the Hill maps, the first half of the map ends only when one team wins 2 rounds. The second half ends if the other team wins 2 rounds or when one team wins their 4th cumulative round.
  • Attack/Defend and Payload maps are played as best of 3 stopwatch rounds. Teams alternate between attacking and defending every round, and each team defends once in a half. The round is won by whichever team captures the most points the fastest.


RGL currently only supports North America (NA) for the Highlander Format.

Map List for HL Season 2[edit]


RGL currently only supports North America (NA) for the Prolander Format

Map List for PL Season 8[edit]


RGL currently only supports North America (NA) for the Traditional Sixes Format

No Restriction 6v6[edit]

RGL currently only supports North America (NA) for the No Restriction Sixes Format

Map List for NR 6s Season 2[edit]

Hall of Fame[edit]


Season NA Invite Champions NA Div-1 Champions NA Div-2 Champions NA Open Champions EU Invite Champions EU Div-1 Champions EU Div-2 Champions EU Open Champions
Season 1 Froyotech icon.png froyotech The News Regal Eagles OMNI5 TF2 Silver UAPlayer
Season 2 Froyotech icon.png froyotech The News Jager & Anime OMNI5.gg SS Disaster 7: JJS Awakens Cosmo Fam Club Project Restart BLACK
Season 3 Froyotech icon.png froyotech Fred IV: Revenge of The Spu Yucky the Fluff
Season 4 Froyotech icon.png froyotech Socios Command and Conquer Gameshock Highlander
Season 5 Cat Noises DYNASTY Icy's McSpicy eSports eggplant emoji New (a)woo Order
Season 6 Froyotech icon.png froyotech Enoch eSports Forbidden Fruit Straight Outta Hightower
Season 7 RuneScape is Life Icy McSpicy eSports THE GUYS don't come to mid tomorrow


Season NA Invite Champion NA Advanced Champion NA Main Champion NA Intermediate Champion NA Open Champion
Season 1 IRENE Heals On Everyone Gotta Blast ANTHRAX barcode-HL
Season 2 Template:Team/Kids Next Door Amicitia Nova Home Depot eSports Frag2Play The Enthusiasts
Season 3 Template:Team/Kids Next Door Super Handsome Inteligent Team As foretold by Rayman5000 Utopia Turned Dystopian UwUntu
Season 4 Fred V: The Brampton Warriors The Revenge of sbdope marker and e-boy dog Digga-Leg Fan Club Boom! Roasted
Season 5 Kingdom Death Monster I Hate Mondays perc30 The Kaboom Kollective shinyCIA