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The Scout plays a less significant role in a Highlander team than in 6v6; the presence of full-time Heavies, Pyros and Engineers and the prevalence of different game modes, such as Payload or Attack/Defend maps hinder the Scout's ability to be effective in direct combat. His agility and fragging capability, as well as increased capture rate cause the Scout to be useful to the team in different ways.


Generally, the Scout will take a more flank-oriented role in Highlander along with the Soldier. The gameplay varies greatly depending on the map and game mode. Nevertheless, on most maps the Scout's primary objective is to call out any potential flanking threats and to sweep up weakened targets to create player advantages that can be exploited by the rest of the team.

Payload stands out as the biggest exception to the rule, as the objective demands for the attacking team players to stay at the cart for extended periods of time. Devoting a Scout and another class (usually the Engineer) to pushing is the most efficient way to split up the team, as the maximum capture rate of a Payload cart is times three.

Sometimes, when quickly pushing with the Ubercharge, the Scout along with the Demoman will receive the majority of the Uber to capitalize on the damage dealt by the Demoman, creating a player advantage. It is not however advisable after a long stalemate situation, as the opponent will most likely construct a sentry and have an Uber of their own to defend.

Unlockable weapons[edit]

As the Scout's role is much more situational than in 6v6, players will often deviate from the stock loadout to perform specific goals on the map.

Primary weapons[edit]

  • Force-a-Nature - Sometimes used for its knockback feature, particularly useful on maps with natural hazards (such as Upward or Steel). A Scout can also perform a slightly higher jump by shooting the Force-a-Nature at the ground. However, minus 4 clip can be devastating to the scout's personal defense.
  • Soda Popper - Rarely used, but it can be used to maximize mobility of the class via the Hype mechanic, which gives the Scout the ability to jump up to five times in mid-air (for a total of six jumps).
  • Short-Stop - The drawback on being pushed farther is not a good upside, as you are prone to being easily pushed off of cliffs in maps, (such as Upward). It works like a pistol, and works at medium range rather than close up range, making you more prone to snipers and others that excel in long-ranged combat. However, with the weapon's stat-rework in the Meet Your Match update, the inclusion of a "shove" mechanic (think Force-a-Nature knockback but without damage) could prove useful for hazard kills.
  • Back-Scatter - This weapon is not a very viable option for competitve. Nearby enemies within a range of around 500 Hammer units (roughly 31 feet or 9.5 meters) are dealt mini-crits damage when shot from behind. However, the minus two clips and it being 20 percent less accurate makes it useless in head to head combat and as good as the normal scattergun when flanking.
  • Baby Face's Blaster - This weapon is considered to be Scout's worst primary and one of the worst weapons in the games, and it serves absolutely no new playstyle for the scout. In fact the only thing that this weapon does is hinder him with minus 2 clips and making him as slow as a Pyro. If you double jump then 75 percent of the meter is lost, and if you take 25 damage the entire boost meter is gone.
  • Stock Scattergun - The Stock Scattergun is the most used primary for Scout in competitve as it deals consistent damage. It has an entire clip size of six while every other primary has a minus clip size making it more consistent than any other primary.

Secondary weapons[edit]

  • Bonk! Atomic Punch - Used to scout the enemy's positioning, dodge enemy fire and get behind the opponent, enabling flanking opportunities. Sometimes also used as a survival tool. Bonk! Atomic Punch has a cooldown of 24 seconds and the effect lasts 8 seconds.
  • Crit-a-Cola - Sometimes used to maximize damage (such as the Soda Popper); the minicrits are not dependent on a meter (granted immediately after drinking), but the user takes also takes mini-crits if he fires a shot under the effect of it and 10 seconds after the mini-crits have worn off. The Crit-a-Cola has a cooldown of 24 seconds and the effect lasts 8 seconds.
  • Mad Milk - After spraying the enemies, any damage dealt by the Scout or his teammates will grant them 60% of the damage dealt back in health. Useful for large groups, but rarely utilised by players. Also extinguishes fire.
  • Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol - This pistol is considered to be a good side-grade as its the only single fire weapon for scout that gives him health back (+3 on each hit) however because of this you have to sacrifice the consistency of the stock pistol because it has a larger clip.
  • Flying Guillotine - This secondary is also considered a side grade as its an easily spammable high damaging (including bleed damage) secondary. Its used in certain maps to spam through choke points.

Melee weapons[edit]

  • Boston Basher - As in 6v6, the weapon can be used to quickly build Ubercharge with a Medic by the Scout dealing bleed damage to himself. This strategy is particularly viable in 5CP maps and can be used to widen an Uber advantage or make up an Uber disadvantage.
  • Atomizer - Grants the Scout the ability of a third jump at the negligible cost of slower deploy speed. Largely improves the Scout's maneuverability and dodging capabilities, making him less predictable. It also has a damage penalty.
  • Sandman - Allows the Scout to launch a slowing baseball with alt fire. The slowing effect lasts for 1-8 seconds depending on the distance between the ball and the enemy. Carrying the Sandman decreases the Scout's maximum health by 15, which is a big offset.
  • Wrap Assasin - Arguably the most used Scout melee in highlander, it acts like the boston basher but its bleed effect is related to a projectile, however you cannot hit yourself meaning you cannot help your medic build uber.

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