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The Scout is a highly mobile "clean up" class, used to capture points and move in and out of fights to deal and avoid as much damage as possible. In standard 6v6 play, a team will have 2 Scouts. When playing this class, one will be expected to successfully capture points, control the flank, and be able to clean up the damage put out by your heavy classes (Soldier and Demoman). Generally speaking, a Scout will have a high number of kills and a moderate amount of damage - diving in to kill already damaged players is the primary cause of this. Scouts are also often the best candidates for off-classing, depending on the situation. The secret to the Scout class is going into a fight while no one is looking at you.


Playing Scout properly at a midfight involves finding the right time to go in. The start of a midfight has all 6 players on both teams staring right at each other, so going in first will result in instant and painful death. Staying at a range where one can easily avoid damage is key. The best time to enter the fight is when the team is sufficiently distracted so that the player may get into close range without being detected or shot at. The longer the Scout(s) survive at mid, the better chance a team has at winning. Their value goes up as time goes on because of their ability to clean up fights. Every time an enemy player dies, a Scout's usefulness increases. It's much easier to fight as a Scout in a 3v3 rather than a 6v6. Find the right time to enter the fight and work off of a teammate's damage.


In a 6v6 game, once the midfight ends, and you are alive, AND the enemy team has successfully backed out, the Scout's goal is to watch the flank. The flank is simply the alternate route between two different control points, whereas the choke is the main route. In the flank, a Scout can either play defensively - prevent the enemy from flanking the combo, or offensively - try to get a pick and overrun the flank with the team's Roaming Soldier - advantage, and ultimately wiping or driving out the enemy team.


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While a Scout is one of the most powerful classes in the game, there are a variety of situations in which playing one of the less used classes can be beneficial. On the last point of an average 5-CP map, for example, a Scout is not nearly as useful as he is in other areas of the map where it is easier to roam freely. In these situations, a Scout can change class to achieve a particular goal.


There are 2 different playstyles widely recognized in 6v6, pocket scout or flank scout. A pocket scout will stick with the medic and take a lot of the heals while only going for kills if there is an opening. A flank scout is the opposite, the player will be as aggressive as possible and that player will rush into the enemy to get the pick the team needs.


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